How to Survive the First Month of Motherhood

If you’re a first time mom wondering how to survive the first month of motherhood, let me, a fellow new mom, guide you!

For my first week postpartum, I was actually really proud of how I kept myself together. I was able to just go with the flow and be patient. The reason is probably because I was just so ready to take on my new role as a mother.

But it didn’t take long for me to finally have my first breakdown due to overwhelm. I’ve learned a lot in my first month of being a mom and in this post, I am going to share 6 tips that have helped keep me sane during this time.

If you want to know how to cope the first few weeks of motherhood and how to survive the newborn stage, keep reading!

how to survive the first month of motherhood

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What is the First Month of Motherhood Like?

If you’re a pregnant mama, you’re probably wondering the answer to this question. I was definitely curious what this new experience was going to be like and how I’d survive the first month of motherhood.

If I had to describe the first month of motherhood from my own perspective, I would say it’s a rollercoaster that is SO worth the ride!

I had a few days where I felt incredibly overwhelmed, but as each day and each week passed, I found myself waking up excited each day to spend time with my little boy.

But the truth is, each mama is going to have a different experience. There are going to be a lot of factors that determine how your first month is going to go such as your own recovery from giving birth, whether or not your baby had complications, and so on.

No matter what, take it day by day. Just because one day was rough doesn’t mean the next day will be too.

You know how they say “was it a bad day or was it just a bad 5 minutes that you milked all day?” Keep this in mind when adjusting to life with your little one. There are usually just rough moments, not always rough days.

Is the First Month of Motherhood the Hardest?

Again, this will entirely depend on your own situation. Some people swear by the newborn stage while others say things get easier over time.

In reality, each stage will come with it’s own set of challenges.

But don’t stress over whether or not the first month of motherhood will be hard. Focus on being as present as possible with your baby and soaking up those sweet moments.

Tips on How to Survive the First Month of Motherhood

1. Go With the Flow & Keep an Open Mind

I feel that having this attitude throughout my whole pregnancy made it easier for me to keep this mindset going into motherhood.

Personally, I wasn’t looking forward to breastfeeding, I was anxious about my recovery, and overall didn’t like the idea that so much was out of my hands.

But I chose to keep an open mind and because of it, I felt happy and excited going through labor and delivery instead of being overwhelmed.

Your mindset plays such a huge role in the entire process. If you keep an open mind as you enter motherhood, you won’t have to deal with expectations not being met.

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2. Remember That Everyone is Still Learning (You & Baby)

Whenever I found myself feeling frustrated, I had to pause and remind myself that I am learning.

Shifting my mindset from “I’m not good at being a mom” to “I’m learning how to be a mom” was absolutely crucial.

You may not know what soothes your baby now, but by the end of your first month, you will have a better idea. You won’t have all the answers by the end of your first month, but each week you will realize how much you are learning.

Keep in mind that your baby is learning, too. They have just entered a world that is foreign to them.

Everyone is learning their roles and you will get through it together.

3. Talk About Your Feelings & Journal

Early on, I made sure to make my feelings known. I didn’t hesitate to let my husband know if I needed a break or if I was having a tough time. It was helpful having a friend who had a baby a few months before I did to reach out to as well.

There is so much emotion you’ll experience postpartum and it shouldn’t be contained.

It wasn’t until towards the end of my first month of motherhood that I finally started to journal consistently. I was planning to write and document more about my experience from the very beginning but as a new mom, there was a lot I was trying to balance.

I am continuing my journal that I’ve had from the beginning of my pregnancy and it’s like writing the next chapter of a book.

No matter how you want to express your feelings, make sure you put it out there. Don’t hold back your emotions during this time.

4. Do Something for Yourself Each Day

This tip is SO crucial to survive the first month of motherhood. I understand the struggle of feeling like you never get to do anything for yourself. When you’re a first time mom, there is so much to juggle.

During my first month of motherhood, it was so helpful to do little things for myself each day.

You can make the most out of the short naps by getting some rest yourself.

If you hate being tied down to the breast pump like I did, have a show to watch specifically for your pumping time.

Make arrangements with your partner so you can set a time to take a bath.

And one of the most important things, sit and enjoy a meal before you try to tackle other chores. These small moments of self-care will help keep you sane!

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5. Let Yourself Feel

Probably one of the most important parts of surviving your first month of motherhood. It’s okay to feel defeated and overwhelmed.

Some days I have cried instantly without warning and it felt like it couldn’t be controlled. I reminded myself that it’s temporary and what I feel is OKAY.

Your feelings are valid, mama. Let them out!

6. Remind Yourself of How Blessed You Are

Lastly, it’s important to reflect on how blessed you are to be a mom!

Remember all of the positives: your body grew a beautiful baby, your baby is finally here, you have a solid support system, etc.

You should also remind yourself of all the things that are going RIGHT. It’s too easy to beat yourself up when any little thing goes wrong.

But take some time to think about how much you are learning and celebrate the small wins!

Final Thoughts on How to Survive Your First Month of Motherhood

No matter what, all mamas are going to experience challenges during the first month of motherhood. It’s so important to go easy on yourself and to not sweat the small stuff.

Are you a new mom or a veteran mom? What helped you get through the first month of mother hood? Share in the comments!

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