self care gifts for pregnant women

Self Care Gifts for New Pregnant Moms

Is there a pregnant mama in your life that you want to know how to pamper? That pregnant mama may even be you!

If my pregnancy has taught me anything, it’s the importance of self care. I found myself taking advantage of down time and making the effort to actually slow down.

Especially being a new mom, it can feel overwhelming trying to find balance in your life. You’ll want to continue your usual routine but your body will always give you reminders to get some rest.

If you are looking for self-care gifts for a pregnant mom, use these 8 ideas to inspire you. And yes, it’s okay to shop for yourself if you’re the one who’s pregnant! Don’t be afraid to treat yourself.

Let’s explore some awesome self care gifts!

self care pregnancy gifts for new moms

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#1 Sitz Bath Salt

Baths are a popular form of self care. These Sitz Bath Salts will be a staple in postpartum recovery!

#2 Face Masks

Face masks are also another self care staple. There are TONS of different face masks out there to choose from. But I have always personally loved the Freeman avocado + oatmeal clay mask.

#3 Journal

Journaling during pregnancy has been very therapeutic and relaxing for me. I’ve been journaling in a regular, plain journal and it’s been the perfect way to document this special time in my life.

Gift a pregnant mama a journal and it will be a beautiful keepsake for her to look back on.

#4 Water Bottle

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated. Pregnant moms are no exception! A great self care gift is a cute water bottle.

#5 Yoga Mat

Staying active during pregnancy is a must. Having a yoga mat is perfect for doing prenatal yoga and other stretches.

#6 Cozy Socks

During pregnancy, women experience a lot of discomfort. It’s always a good feeling to have something comfy to wear, even if it’s as simple as cozy socks!

#7 Maternity Pajamas

If there is one thing pregnant women love, it’s sleep! Help a mama feel comfortable for bed with cute maternity pajamas!

#8 Comfy Blanket

To make sleep even more comfortable, gift a new mom a comfy blanket to curl up in!

What Self Care Gifts Are Your Favorite?

If you’ve experienced pregnancy, what were some of your favorite gifts you received that aided in self care? Which one of these gifts will you be giving to a pregnant mom? Share in the comments below!

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