screen free activities for toddlers

Screen Free Activities for Toddlers

As parents, we know the stigma of letting our little ones have screen time. Sometimes, it’s just simply necessary for survival LOL!

But in general, keeping our kids entertained without electronics can sometimes leave us stumped. It may feel like they have played with every toy they own and you’ve run out of options.

That’s why I put together this list of 25+ screen free actvities for toddlers to give you a little inspiration.

Go through the list and let me know which one you think your child will love!

Screen free actvities for toddlers

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Screen Free Activities for Toddlers

Arts & Crafts

Mess Free Paint- Seriously, check out how cool this magic light brush is! Getting artsy is a great way to keep your kids off their screens and this mess free paint should definitely do the trick.  

Coloring books- You really can’t go wrong with a classic coloring book to keep your toddler entertained.

Sticker books- What kid doesn’t love stickers? Try out this sticker book with reusable stickers!

Chalkboard easel-Using chalk is always a fun alternative to crayons or markers. Hook your toddler up with a chalkboard easel. 

Origami-If you want to go above and beyond regular arts and crafts, try doing some basic origami with your little one!

Color in cardboard boxes- Have some Amazon boxes that haven’t been tossed yet? Plop your toddler in one and let them color away!


Outer Space Road Trip-Any type of I Spy book can keep your toddler occupied for a while! Try out this super cool Outer Space Road Trip book

I Spy Letters-Another great I Spy book that will help your child identify letters.

Where’s Waldo- Who doesn’t love a classic Where’s Waldo book?

Poke a Dot Books- My son absolutely loves these Poke a dot books! Here are a few to try:

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Sidewalk chalk- Want to do something artsy outdoors? Play with chalk! Get started with this set of Crayola chalk.

Going to the park- The most classic screen free activity of them all: playing at the park! Your toddler will not only enjoy playing with the equipment, but also exploring the nature around them.

Swimming- is it pool season? Take your toddler to the pool and don’t forget the toys!

Sprinkler- Don’t have access to the pool? A sprinkler will do!

Gardening- A great way to get your little one in touch with nature is to garden! Or at least let them play and scoop some dirt LOL. Snag your toddler their first gardening set.

Splash pad- A great alternative to the pool!

Play ball- There are so many different ways to play ball! Kick a ball around or practice catching/throwing. Here are some fun options:

Water table-One last water option is to play with a water table!

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Play With Dolls/Figures- A great way for kids to use their imagination is playing with dolls or fun figurines like these Cocomelon ones. This can also be brought outside if the weather permits!

Play Kitchen-Is your toddler curious about everything in your real kitchen (The cabinets, drawers, fridge, and what’s inside them? Set them up with a fun play kitchen that will also allow them to use their imagination!  

Board Games- Family game night opens up the opportunity for plenty of screen-free activities! Simple games like Lucky Ducks are great for toddlers.  

Build a fort- Building a fort is a great rainy day activity to do with your toddler.

Hide and seek- Teach your toddler the classic game of hide and seek!

Tic Tac Toe- How cool is this giant Tic-Tac-Toe/Checkers mat?! This is a sure way to keep your toddler entertained!

Bake/make a snack together- No matter what you choose, having food involved is always fun! Find a fun recipe you can bake together or a fun, healthy snack.

Bowling- Need a fun indoor activity? Grab this bowling set!

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Concluding Screen Free Activities for Toddlers

I hope this list of screen free activties for toddlers gave you a little inspiration! What are some of your favorite things to do with your toddler that don’t involve the TV or iPad? Share in the comments!

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