gift ideas for first time moms

Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms

Do you know someone who is pregnant and want to get them a special gift to celebrate? It may be hard to think of what to buy a pregnant woman if this is the first time someone close to you is experiencing this amazing milestone.

And if this person is a first time mom, you’re probably itching to give them something extra special!

I’ve put together this list of 8 awesome gifts to give that special, pregnant someone in your life. These are perfect gifts to give for a birthday or to a wife from their husband.

Keep these gifts in mind for the holiday season and for the future when more loved ones are having babies!

Pregnancy gift ideas for new, first time moms

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Pregnancy Gift #1: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

This book is a classic and will make the perfect gift for the first time mama in your life!

As a new mom, there will be a million questions running through your head. Having this book on hand will help answer SO many questions.

This book is a staple for every pregnancy. Grab your copy here.

Pregnancy Gift #2: Pregnancy Pillow

There are tons of options for pregnancy pillows out there. I have personally loved this side-sleeper pillow for my pregnancy! I went with this pillow instead of the typical body pillow for a few reasons:

  1. It’s cheaper than the bigger pillows you usually see.
  2. It can be a better option for those who have smaller beds and don’t want a full body pillow taking up tons of room.
  3. Once pregnancy is over, this pillow will be easier to store away.

No matter which type of pregnancy pillow you decide to gift, it will be appreciated! These pillows are truly life savers once pregnant women start to show.

pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy Gift #3: Maternity Loungewear

Pregnant or not, who doesn’t love a cute loungewear set?! This maternity set from Amazon is perfect during pregnancy and postpartum.

Pregnancy Gift #4: Pink Stork Tea & Candies

There is something all pregnant women can agree on: morning sickness is a drag!

Remedies can sometimes be hit or miss, but it doesn’t hurt to try everything you can to ease your stomach.

Here are a couple of Pink Stork Products that can help:

These morning sickness sweets are perfect to have something on-hand that can help ease a nauseous stomach.

Morning sickness tea can be a great option when a sick pregnant mama wants to unwind at home and ease the nausea.

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Pregnancy Gift #5: Journal

A pregnancy journal is an amazing keepsake for first time moms! Journaling can help relieve some stress and help a pregnant mama document her symptoms and feelings.

Pregnancy Gift #6: Ultrasound Picture Frame

What a precious way to remember your little one! An ultrasound picture frame makes a meaningful gift for any pregnant woman.

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Pregnancy Gift #7:Pregnancy Shirt

A cute graphic tee always makes a great gift!

Pregnancy Gift #8: Palmer’s Stretch Mark Kit

So many women (including myself) swear by Palmer’s oil and lotion. This set can make the perfect gift and will last a pregnant mama a long time!

Which Pregnancy Gift Was Your Favorite?

Have you used any of these products during your pregnancy? Which one of these gifts was a hit with your close friend or relative? Share in the comments below!

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