Postpartum Affirmations for New Moms

Are you a new mom feeling all of the feels? Postpartum is no joke!

I remember when I became a mom and felt so many different emotions. On one hand, I was over the moon, ready to take on this new role as a mama.

On the other hand, I was filled with questions, in desperate need of rest, and often wondered “what is the best thing to do?”

If you’re a first time mom, just know that your feelings are valid. No matter what, you’re going to have days where you just feel completely off.

Whenever you’re feeling down, you can use positive affirmations to help you stay grounded and shift your mindset.

postpartum affirmations for new moms

20 Positive Postpartum Affirmations for New Moms

  1. I am grateful for this learning experience.
  2. I am blessed to have this baby.
  3. I am fortunate that I gave birth.
  4. I am excited for this new adventure of motherhood.
  5. I am learning and it is okay to not have all of the answers.
  6. My feelings are valid.
  7. I can handle hard situations.
  8. If I can give birth, I am capable of anything.
  9. I am a strong woman.
  10. Dreams do come true, my baby is proof.
  11. I will adjust to this major life change.
  12. I will be patient with myself.
  13. I accept my body in this new phase.
  14. I will find my groove.
  15. I am proud to be a mom.
  16. Motherhood is a blessing.
  17. I can find balance in this new lifestyle.
  18. I am doing my best.
  19. I have a special bond with my baby.
  20. I will give myself grace.


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20 Postpartum Affirmations

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