Me Time Ideas for Moms

The Best Me Time Ideas for Moms

One of the things that’s hard to juggle when you become a mom is finding time for yourself. You truly don’t realize how much free time you had until you have kids!

But just because your time may be limited, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have some “me time” at all.

Here are some me time ideas for mom that are simple and some you can easily fit in if you only have a few minutes!

All of these can be done in the morning before everyone wakes up or in the evening when your baby finally goes down.

No matter what time of day you prefer to spend your me time, there is something on this list for you.

me time ideas for moms

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Me Time Ideas for Moms

  1. Take a shower or bath
  2. Do a face mask
  3. Work on your side hustle
  4. Journal
  5. Watch a show or movie
  6. Talk to a loved one on the phone
  7. Paint nails
  8. Meditation
  9. Read a book
  10. Listen to a podcast
  11. Stretch or do yoga
  12. Listen to music
  13. Practice affirmations
  14. Do some planning (meal plan, schedule out your week, etc.)
  15. Adult coloring book
  16. Add to your vision board
  17. Write a future self letter
  18. Get inspired on pinterest: save ideas to your boards for home decor, outfit ideas, etc.
  19. Practice a breathing exercise
  20. Do some goal setting

Wrapping Up Me Time Ideas for Moms

What is your favorite way to spend time alone? Share in the comments!

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