gifts for new moms that aren't for baby

Gift Ideas for New Moms That Aren’t For Baby

When it comes to shopping for a new mom, a lot of us want to give her all the baby essentials she needs.

But something important to keep in mind is that mama has to take care of herself, too!

If you think about shopping for someone who is pregnant, your mind is immediately going to go to cute baby clothes and fun baby toys.

But you have to ask yourself, what does MOM need or want?

Check out this list of gifts for new moms that aren’t for baby.

Gifts for Moms That Aren’t for Baby

Gift For New Mom #1: Coffee Mug

Pregnant women are limited to how much caffiene they can have.

So if you know a new mama who has been missing her usual daily dose of coffee, a cute coffee mug will brighten her day!

Gift For New Mom #2: Wine Tumbler

Pregnant women not only miss their coffee, they also miss happy hour! Gift a new mom with a fun wine tumbler.

Gift For New Mom #3: Graphic Tee

Who doesn’t love a good graphic tee? Hook up a mom with an adorable “mama bear” tshirt.

Gift For New Mom #4: Mama Necklace

Jewelry always makes a special gift. Why not gift a new mom something she will cherish and that will remind her of her incredible new role?

Check out this mama necklace!

Gift For New Mom #5: Offer a Helping Hand

A gift doesn’t necessarily have to cost money. Something as simple as offering a helping hand can mean so much more than any gift received.

New moms are going through SO much and it will feel as if their to-do list is never ending.

Help out a first time mama by running an errand or watching the baby so she can get some rest.

Gift For New Mom #6: Bring Food/Gift Cards For Restaurants

With so much going on, a first time mom may not find the time to cook her own meals. Something you can do that would be a major help is to bring over food!

Whether it’s a homecooked meal or takeout, it will be greatly appreciated.

You can also gift the new parents with gift cards to their favorite restaurants so they can order what they like.

Gift For New Mom #7: Amazon Prime Membership

A new mama may not have the time to go out and shop for what she needs. Whether it be for herself or her little one.

Amazon is a great one-stop-shop to get just about anything you need!

Gift a first time mom with an Amazon Prime membership so she can get what she needs and have it delivered quickly. Get started with a 30-Day Free Trial!

Wrapping Up Gifts for New Moms That Aren’t For Baby

Remember, first time moms needs to be pampered too!

Supplying them with baby essentials is helpful, but sometimes she needs a little something for herself as well.

What are some gifts for new moms that aren’t for baby that you have received and appreciated? Share in the comments below!

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