gift ideas from newborn to older sibling

Gifts For Older Siblings From Newborn

If you’re adding another bundle of joy to your family, congratulations!

While this new addition brings a lot of excitement, it may come with some concerns regarding the older sibling(s).

Some older siblings cannot wait for a baby brother or sister to arrive. Others, however, are taken back and uncertain.

A nice way to bridge the gap and hopefully ease some concern from the older sibling is to offer a small gift that is “from” their baby brother or sister.

Here are some easy gift ideas from newborns to older siblings to help strengthen their bond from the beginning.

gift ideas from newborn to older sibling

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Is It Necessary to Give Older Siblings a Gift From the Newborn?

This is definitely not required but is simply a nice gesture! If you’re unsure of the idea, here is something to consider.

What is the age gap between siblings? 

If there is a big gap, then you may find that the older sibling knows the gift isn’t actually from their baby brother or sister. 

On the contrary, if there is a close gap, the oldest may still be too young to understand.

So no, a gift isn’t necessary. But depending on the age gap, it can really make the older sibling(s) feel special and included.

Gift Ideas From Newborns to Older Siblings


A book makes a great gift because it’s something the older sibling can share with their baby brother or sister.

Your oldest can read the book or just show the youngest the pictures. You’re The Biggest is the perfect book for this!


I know that the toys can pile up, but if you think your toddler is overdue for something new, you can try these magnetic tiles.

I love toys like this because they come with their own storage and are easy to put away!

Personalized Puzzle

You can never go wrong with something personalized! Gift the older sibling a puzzle with their name!


A fun and unique gift for an older sibling is a camera. This can help the older one feel included by taking family photos and getting some nice pictures with their new sibling!

Matching Shirts

A great way to start building the sibling bond is to get them matching shirts! This can be the start of many coordinating outfits.

Stuffed Animal

Something simple and sweet to gift to the older sibling is a stuffed animal. 


The perfect gift for a big sister! A simple bracelet is something she can enjoy wearing everyday and you can get a matching one for her younger sister too.

Toddler Tower

A toddler tower would make an awesome gift because it can help the older sibling be more involved.

Concluding Gift Ideas from Newborns to Older Siblings

I hope this list sparked some inspiration on gifts to older siblings. Getting a gift for the older sibling(s) isn’t necessary, but it can be a nice gesture that helps the older kids feel included and still important.

Did you get your older kids a gift from the newborn? What did you buy? Share in the comments!

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