gender neutral baby shower themes

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

A fun part of pregnancy is planning your baby shower! While some people go into their baby shower knowing the gender, others choose to keep it a surprise. If you want to throw a gender neutral baby shower, this post will help. I’ve put together a list of 7 gender neutral baby shower themes along with decoration inspo to go along with each theme!

gender neutral baby shower themes

Sweet as can Bee

The “Sweet as can Bee” theme is a fun and vibrant way to celebrate your baby!

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We Can “Bearly” Wait

A sweet teddy bear theme is the perfect gender neutral theme.

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Baby in Bloom

This theme may sound more feminine but you can definitely make it neutral. Use the decorations below as inspo!

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“Oh Baby!”

It doesn’t get any more neutral than this!

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Little Cutie

I thought this was such a fun and unique theme! Perfect for either gender.

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Ready to Pop

What I like about this theme is that you can go a popcorn route or a champagne route. Or incorporate anything that goes “pop!”

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I personally love a good woodland theme for just about anything! A birthday party, nursery, and of course, a baby shower!

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Wrapping Up Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

I hope this list sparked some ideas for your baby shower! If you’re reading this post, you were probably searching for something strictly gender neutral. But what I do like about these themes is that you can easily make some of them more girly or more boyish if you wanted to.

Which of these gender neutral baby shower themes is your favorite? Share in the comments!

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