easter basket ideas for babies

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies Under 1 Year Old

Will you be celebrating Easter with a sweet baby this year? When babies are still so little, it can be tricky buying gifts for them.

You want to make holidays special and fun but as the same time know that 1) they won’t remember it and 2) they are limited on what toys they can play with.

As a result, you want to be practical with your gift-giving.

If you’re planning to celebrate Easter with a little one, this gift guide will help you pick out practical gifts to include in their Easter basket!

Here are 8 Easter basket ideas for babies under 1 year old.

easter basket ideas for babies under 1

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1. Timeless Easter Basket

First things first, you’ll need an Easter basket to fill with goodies! Snag this Easter basket that you can reuse each year.

2. Bunny Rattle

This beautiful bunny rattle is the perfect, practical additional to an Easter basket for babies under 1.

3. Easter Outfit

The holidays are the perfect excuse to dress up your little one! Add a cute Easter outfit that can be worn that day.

4. Peter Rabbit Gift Set

Want to include a classic in your baby’s Easter basket? Grab this Peter Rabbit gift set!

5. Carrot Teether

One item you CANNOT pass up for your baby’s Easter basket is this carrot teether! Perfect for the Easter theme and it is something you know you’ll get use out of.

6. Bunny Security Blanket

Every Easter basket should include a cute stuffed bunny! This bunny security blanket is the perfect addition.

7. Regular Bunny Blanket

Looking for something bigger that will also get used longer? Include a bunny blanket that can be used beyond the infant stage.

8. Bunny Pacifier Holder

Does your little one enjoy their pacifier? Then this bunny pacifier holder will make a great gift to include in their Easter basket!

Final Thoughts on Easter Basket Ideas for Babies Under 1 Year Old

Gifting for babies can sometimes be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! This simple list of Easter basket ideas for babies under 1 is the perfect guide for celebrating with your little one. Which Easter basket idea was your favorite? Share in the comments!

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