baby shower gift ideas

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Are you shopping for unique baby shower gifts for a mom to be? Of course, one of the best places to start is her registry.

But if you are looking for something to add to your gift in addition to something from her registry, this list of baby shower gifts will help you!

All of the gift ideas listed are ones that are practical and can make great gifts for a boy or a girl.

Here are the 10 best baby shower gift ideas that first time moms will love.

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Baby Shower Gift Idea #1: Sound Machine

A great baby shower gift that a ton of moms love is a sound machine! The Hatch Baby Rest works as a sound machine and a night light!

Baby Shower Gift Idea #2: Wipe Warmer

Lots of mamas swear by using a wipe warmer! Being wiped with warm wipes will help a little one feel more comfortable. Try out this Hiccapop wipe warmer as a gift!

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Baby Shower Gift Idea #3: Handprint Frame

A unique baby shower gift for a mom to be is a frame for baby’s hand and footprints. This print frame will make for a meaningful keepsake for any mom.

Baby Shower Gift Idea #4: Custom Baby Puzzle

Another unique gift is one that is customized with baby’s name. It should go without saying, but confirm that the baby’s name is official and is not something the parent’s are on the fence about!

There are so many things you can get customized, but something like this name puzzle is bound to be a hit!

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Baby Shower Gift Idea #5: Grooming Kit

I received this as a baby shower gift and I am so thankful I did! This grooming kit is something you know is practical and the parents will get great use out of.

Baby Shower Gift Idea #6: Diaper Bag

Another practical item to give is a diaper bag. I personally love the idea of a backpack as opposed to carrying a huge tote because I think it makes it easier to be handsfree.

This BabbleRoo diaper backpack would make an awesome gift!

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Baby Shower Gift Idea #7: Milestone Cards

Milestone cards are the perfect gift for a mama you know will want to document everything! Check out these milestone cards that will make documenting each month special.

Baby Shower Gift Idea #8: Miracle Blanket Swaddle

An essential item for any baby is a swaddle! Gift a mom to be these SwaddleMe swaddles.

Baby Shower Gift Idea #9: Baby Brezza

The Baby Brezza is an awesome gift to give to a mama who plans to formula feed.

Baby Shower Gift Idea #10: Bottle Drying Rack

Lastly, another practical baby shower gift is a bottle drying rack. This is something that will DEFINITELY get used!

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Wrapping Up the Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

When it comes to shopping for a baby shower gift, you can never go wrong with something practical.

Buying baby clothes is fun, but it’s important to make sure that the new parents get products they will actually NEED.

Some items on this list may not be absolutely essential but they are unique and can be great bonuses to add to your gift.

best baby shower gift ideas that are practical

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