baby's first Christmas gift ideas

Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

A baby’s first Christmas is extremely magical. Although they will never remember, it is a special time for parents.

If you’re wondering what special gift to give a baby this year, don’t overthink it! This list of baby’s first Christmas gift ideas is simple and practical.

Let’s dive in!

baby's first christmas gift ideas

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1. Baby’s First Christmas Blanket

One thing I learned early on when my son was first born was that you can never have too many baby blankets!

This baby’s first Christmas blanket would make a cozy and practical gift.

2. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Ornaments are a great sentimental gift to give because they can be passed down and used to remember different milestones in life.

This baby’s 1st Christmas ornament would be a great way for parents to commemorate their little one’s first holiday season.

3. Baby’s First Christmas Rudolph

You can never go wrong with Rudolph during the holidays! This stuffed Rudolph would make a great gift for a baby.

4. Baby’s First Christmas Outfit

I personally love dressing up our little man for different holidays! Something like this Christmas outfit would be great for pictures!

5. Baby’s First Christmas Rattle

Another practical baby’s first Christmas gift idea is a rattle like this one. This would also make the perfect stocking stuffer!

baby dressed as santa

6. Baby’s First Christmas Lovey

Lastly, a lovey is another gift that any baby would enjoy. Also a great stocking stuffer idea!

Wrapping Up Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

Which of these first Christmas gift ideas was your favorite? What are some other gift ideas that would be great for a baby’s first Christmas? Share in the comments!

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