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Realistic Morning Routine for Work From Home Moms

If you’re a homebody like me, then you know that working from home is an absolute dream!

I recently started a new job where I get to work remotely. This opportunity has opened up a lot of freedom for me and allows me to spend time with my son throughout the day.

Both my husband and I work from home now and it has truly been a blessing.

I briefly worked remotely at my previous job and I LOVED having a solid morning routine. This was before I had my baby, so my mornings look a little different now.

But I am still able to do all of the things I want to do before starting work each day.

If you are a work from home mom, you are probably trying to find your balance. You know you have to take care of others but you also want to make sure you’re taking care of yourself as well.

In this post, I am going to share my own personal morning routine to help spark some inspiration for your own.

The time frames I share in this post are a rough estimate because as you can imagine, each day it totally different with an infant!

Work From Home Mom Morning Routine Free Printable

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Work From Home Mom Morning Routine With an Infant


Some days I’m lucky and my little man will let me sleep in until 6. But he typically wakes up around 5:00AM. Once he’s awake, I change his diaper, make a bottle, and feed him.


Once I’m done feeding him and he’s burped, it’s time to play!

Matteo enjoys some play time in his TinyLove Bouncer while I let the dog out, feed him, and do my morning workout.

I love to start my day with a light workout and always feel good when I do it.


Remember when I said the times were just a rough estimate? This is a time frame where the routine varies.

If my son is ready to go back to sleep once I finish my workout, then I change him, snuggle him, and put him down.

But if he still seems energized, then I let him play some more while I get a couple of chores done. I will start a load of laundry or clean up the kitchen.

Once he goes down for a nap, I proceed to get ready for the day. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and get dressed.

Once I’m ready, I use the remainder of his nap to work on my side hustle: this blog!

If you want to start a mom blog, check out my favorite blogging resources that have absolutely changed the game for me!


Depending one what time he wakes up, we will go out for a walk. When we come back, it’s more play time while I make myself breakfast.

At 9:00, I start work and my husband takes over before he starts his job at 10. The remainder of our day, we are taking turns watching our little man, working around our schedules.

We love taking walks in our Cybex Stroller!

Wrapping Up My Work From Home Mom Morning Routine

That concludes my work from home mom morning routine! It’s pretty basic but I am still able to accomplish quite a bit.

Although my mornings aren’t just about me anymore, it doesn’t mean that I can’t do anything for myself. I am still able to get my body moving, relax, and work on my passion: my blog. 

How do you spend your mornings? Share in the comments!

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