Baby Winter Bucket List Ideas

Are you wondering how to entertain your baby in the winter? Last winter, my son was still so little and there wasn’t a ton we could do.

But now that he’s a year old, there are more ways to play and explore with him!

I’ve put together a list of winter bucket list ideas for babies that you can try with your little one.

winter bucket lilst ideas for babies

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1. Build a Snowman

Enjoy some time in the snow and show your little one how to build a snowman! You can even make a tiny one that is about their size and let them help you decorate.

2. Make Snow Angels

If you have a toddler, this will be easier. If you have an infant, they will love watching you be silly in the snow while they play!

Try this snowsuit to keep your baby warm!

3. Winter Finger Paint Craft

Hop on Pinterest and find a fun winter finger painting craft you can do with your baby if the weather is too cold.

Baby Finger Paints to try!

4. Sensory Bins

Another fun indoor activity to add to your winter bucket list are sensory bins. The possibilities are endless and you can make a Christmas/Winter sensory bin unique to your baby.

5. Look at Christmas Lights

My son, Matteo, was just 2 months old when he had his first Christmas. This boy LOVED looking at the Christmas tree!

Whether you want to stay in your home or take a drive to see lights, I bet your little one will love them just as much as mine did!

6. Watch Christmas Movies

It’s never too early to get your baby started on the classics! Snuggle up and watch some Christmas movies.

7. Make Paper Snowflakes

A fun activity if you have a toddler but still something your infant would enjoy watching you do!

8. Go See Santa

If you celebrate Christmas, then bringing your baby to see Santa can be a fun activity to add to your bucket list.

9. Bake Cookies

Whether your baby is old enough to help or just simply watches from the sidelines, baking cookies is a classic memory to make.

10. Make DIY Christmas Ornaments

Lastly, make a DIY Christmas ornament with your baby or for your baby. It will make a special keepsake that you can treasure forever.

Wrapping Up Winter Bucket List Ideas for Babies

I hope this list sparked some ideas of what you can do with your baby this winter! Which item on the list was your favorite? What other activities do you like doing with your baby in the cold, winter months? Share in the comments!

Baby Winter Bucket List

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Baby Winter Bucket List

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