Simple Ways to be Productive While Your Baby Naps

Are you a first time mom who thinks it’s impossible to be productive? I remember feeling the exact same way when my son was born.

That very first week, it seemed as if there was never going to be down time every again. But as time went on, I was able to find little moments here and there where I could get a few tasks done.

Eventually, I’ve learned that there is A LOT I can accomplish while my little man naps. Here are some super easy ways to be productive while your baby naps!

how to be productive while baby naps

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1) Get Some Rest

I know, I know. EVERYONE tells you “sleep when the baby sleeps!” Even though you may have a million other items on your plate, you can’t do it all unless you take care of yourself first.

If you are truly burnt out and could use a nap yourself, then go for it. There is no shame in getting the rest you need to be the best mama you can be!

Remember: You can’t fill from an empty cup. Getting rest can help maximize your productivity later!

2) Pump

If you’re a breastfeeidng mama, then this task will probably be at the top of your list! There was a brief period when I was pumping and I had to take advantage of any free time I had to ensure I could pump enough.

I was able to get into a routine where I would put our son down and once I knew he was fully asleep, I would pump right away. Had I waited 10-15 minutes into his nap, it’s possible I would have had to stop part way through if he decided to wake up and only take a short nap.

Pumping will always be a great way to be productive because your little one needs to eat!

3) Wash Bottles/Pumping Parts

Washing bottles and pumping parts is also one of those tasks that should be at the top of your list. You will thank yourself at feeding time when you aren’t scrambling to get a clean bottle ready with a crying baby in the background!

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4) Laundry

There will ALWAYS be baby laundry to do! We learned very quickly that we will be rotating between A LOT of clothes.

What’s kind of nice about laundry is that you can set it and forget it (sort of). It’s not a task where you need to be engaged the whole time. Just start a load, leave it, and come back in a bit to switch it.

It makes it easy to multitask if you want to do other chores in between loads.

5) Quick Chores

You may feel like you need or want to clean the entire house while your baby naps. But it’s important to be realistic about what you can do in a short amount of time.

A lot of small chores will add up!

Some examples of quick chores include: wiping down the kitchen counters, vacuuming 1-2 rooms, emptying/loading the dishwasher, or taking out the trash.

I like to use the weekend to do bigger chores because that’s when I know I’ll have the most free time and help.

6) Work on Your Side Hustle

Currently writing this blog post as my son naps! It’s better to give small chunks of time to your side hustle than to do nothing at all. Just like small chores can add up, small tasks can add up too when it comes to your side hustle.

If there is something you’re passionate about, you need to make time for it!

7) Eat a Meal

During those first couple of weeks with our son, it was SO easy to forget to eat meals!

My husband and I always joked that we were running on fumes because of the lack of sleep and eating. You get so wrapped up in your baby that you forget that you too need to eat and sleep.

Sometimes when I put my son down for a nap, I make sure that eating comes first, then I move on to whatever other tasks I need to do.

As I mentioned at the beginning, you need to take care of yourself first. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take care of others the way you’d like to.

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8) Check in With Your Finances

A productive task you may not have thought of is going over your finances and budget. I like to check in at least weekly on our finances, use nap time to analyze what payments are coming out soon, how much is in our account, etc. Checking in on your finances is important now more than ever with a little one to consider!

9) Workout

This will vary depending on how long your little one naps. Just like other items on this list, small amounts of something can really add up. A little movement is better than none!

10) Schedule for the Week

One of the most common ways I like to be productive while my baby naps is to work on my schedule and to-do list for the upcoming week.

I keep a list on my phone of different tasks I want to accomplish, whether it be in the household or for my blog.

It’s something small but will help you stay on track with what needs to get done.

Love using a physical planner? Try this undated one for your scheduling needs!

11) Meal Plan and/or Prep

Again, this will depend on how long your little one sleeps. If you don’t have a lot of time, it may be better to make a meal plan. This way you know what you need to get from the store and will already have an idea of what you’d like to make.

Meal prep is best when you know you will have uninterrupted time.

Wrapping Up Ways to be Productive While Your Baby Naps

If you’re a new mom feeling a little overwhelmed, I hope you found this list of ways to be productive while your baby naps helpful. It’s important to remember that doing a little bit of something is better than doing nothing at all!

What are some ways you like to be productive while your baby naps? Share in the comments!

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