Valentine's Day Books for Toddlers

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Are you the type of parent who loves celebrating each holiday? A great way to bond with your children and get them in the spirit for any holiday is to read to them! Check out this list of Valentine’s Day books for toddlers that both you and your little one will enjoy.

Valentine's Day Books For Toddlers

1. A Charlie Brown Valentine

Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown?! Read A Charlie Brown Valentine would be a great read with your toddler.

2. Will You Be My Valentine?

Read this sweet book Will You Be My Valentine?

3. The Biggest Valentine Ever

The Biggest Valentine Ever would be a great read for the holiday.

4. Franklin’s Valentines

Franklin is another classic you can’t pass up. Read Franklin’s Valentine’s!

5. The Berenstain Bears’ Valentine’s Blessings

Another classic, read this sweet Berenstain Bears book with your little one.

6. Little Blue Truck’s Valentine

If your little one loves Little Blue Truck, they will love this special Valentine’s Day book!

7. Dino-Valentine’s Day

Your toddler will enjoy this Dino-Valentine’s Day book if they are enjoy dinosaurs!

8. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

Grab a copy of Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! to add to your holiday book collection.

9. Peppa’s Valentine’s Day

What child doesn’t love Peppa Pig? Get a copy of Peppa’s Valentine’s Day.

10. How Many Do I Love You?

Lastly, add How Many Do I Love You? to your Valentine’s Day book collection.

Wrapping Up Valentine’s Day Books for Toddlers

Which Valentine’s Day book will you be reading to your little one? Share in the comments!

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  1. Cute! I need to add some of these to our collection 😀

    1. Glad you saw some you liked! 🙂

  2. These are great picks! I used to love watching Franklin when I was a kid so that one made me smile 🙂 And the Little Blue Truck books are awesome! I’m going to look some of these up for my son.

    1. Franklin is such a classic and I love the Little Blue Truck books too! I’m glad you saw some options you like 🙂

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