Unique Second Birthday Party Themes for Boys

Unique Second Birthday Party Themes

Are you trying to plan a fun party for your almost two year old? One of my favorite parts of planning a birthday party is picking the theme! I have been on the hunt for a theme for my son’s second birthday and have come across some awesome options.

Once your theme is picked out, you’ll want to find the right decorations. In the process of searching for my son’s party theme, I’ve also found the perfect decorations to go with each theme.

Here are some unique second birthday party themes for boys!

Unique Second Birthday Party Themes for Boys

Two Fast

Does your little boy love cars? Then a “Two Fast” theme would be perfect! I love the touch of checkered patterns you can weave throughout your decorations.

Decorations for this theme:

Born Two Be Wild

If you have a wild child on your hands, then the “Born Two Be Wild” theme may be right up your alley. You can do a simple jungle theme or even go based on the book “Where the Wild Things Are.”

Decorations for this theme:

Two Infinity and Beyond

Seriously, can you go wrong with a Toy Story theme?! This is a fun and colorful birthday party theme that everyone in attendance will love.

Decorations for this theme:

Two Cool

If you have the coolest little dude, then the “Two Cool” theme is exactly what you should choose!

Decorations for this theme:

Taco Twosday

A unique second birthday party theme is “Taco Twosday.” This is another fun, colorful theme that will also set the tone for your menu!

Decorations for this theme:

Chugga Chugga Two Two

Lastly, if your little boy is into trains, then he will definitely love the “Chugga Chugga Two Two” theme! You can keep the theme trains in general or specifically Thomas the Train.

Decorations for this theme:

Concluding Unique Second Birthday Party Themes for Boys

Have you used any of these themes in the past? Do you plan on using one of these themes for your son’s second birthday? Share in the comments!


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