Party Themes for Boy’s First Birthday

My son will be turning 1 in the fall and I am already brainstorming first birthday party ideas!

Although your little one won’t remember the event, it is still a very special memory to cherish as parents. One day you’ll look back at pictures and be able to share the memories with your child.

One of those fun memories will be picking a one-of-a-kind theme!


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Here are 6 unique first birthday party ideas for baby boys.

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unique first birthday party ideas for baby boys

1. First Trip Around the Sun

I absolutely LOVE this theme and will be using it for my son’s first birthday!! A fun space theme is perfect for a little boy. Get your own first trip around the sun birthday decorations.

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2. Wild One

A classic yet fun first birthday party theme is “Wild One.” There is so much you can do to get creative with this theme. Get your Wild One decorations!

3. Rookie Year

If you’re a sports family, specifically baseball, this Rookie Year theme is a perfectly unique first birthday party theme for you! You can find these decorations here.

4. Hole in One

How clever is this Hole in One theme?! Grab your backdrop here.

5. One With the Force

Because I know there are Star Wars fans out there! This One With The Force Theme is a great unique option for your baby boy’s frist birthday. Get a hold of these balloons!

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6. Mr. One-derful

Lastly, this first birthday theme is classy! Throw your baby boy a Mr. One-derful party and use these fun decorations!

Final Thoughts on Unique Birthday Party Themes for Baby Boys

Have you used one of these themes for your child’s first birthday? Share in the comments which one you liked best!


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