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How to Start a Mom Blog- Essential Tools & Resources for Mom Bloggers

essential tools and resources for mom bloggers

Tips & Resources for Beginners Starting a Mom Blog

Are you a mom looking for a creative outlet that could also potentially make you money? If so, I’m here to share with you all of my favorite essential tools & resources for mom bloggers that I’ve been using for years!

I started blogging back in 2018 but this mom blog came to life in 2021 while I was pregnant with my son.

When I created this second blog, I was ready to dive in with confidence because of all the knowledge I had accumulated and the amazing resources I already had on hand.

I do have a resource page of my favorite blogging resources and I highly encourage you to bookmark it!

This post is going to go over all of the resources I have on that page in MUCH more depth. I truly believe that you will love these resources just as much as I do.

And I also believe they will cover the basics of what you need to start your mom blog and make a little cash on the side!

If you’re a mama looking for beginner tips on starting a mom blog, then keep reading!

How to Start a Mom Blog- Essential Tools & Resources for Mom Bloggers

This post may contain affiliate links. This means I earn a commission if you make a purchase through these links, at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please read our disclosures.

Essential Tools & Resources for Mom Bloggers

I will be breaking down all of the best courses and resources you need to launch and run a successful mom blog. Let’s begin!

Blog Courses for Getting Started

When I started my blog, I was truly just winging it. I spent time researching “how to start a blog” and followed advice from miscellaneous sources.

It wasn’t until I was about 9 months into blogging that I came across a course I SO wish I found at the beginning!

A fellow blogger recommended a course by Create and Go that completely changed the game for me.

But here’s the thing- it doesn’t exist anymore.

This course has EVERYTHING you could possibly need:

  • Step-by-step guide on launching your blog
  • SEO Mastery tips
  • Email marketing strategies
  • Monetization tips- through affiliate marketing and creating your own course
  • BONUS lessons on YouTubing, podcasting, and Pinterest!

There is SO much value included in this course that I can’t even touch on it all in this post! Get the full scoop on Six-Figure Blog Builder here!

mom blogger

Domain + Hosting

An absolute blogging necessity is having a domain name and hosting for your website.

It’s recommended that you having hosting for your website as opposed to using a platform such as Blogger because you will be able to truly own your content.

You can use a site such as Namecheap to great a domain name (the name of your blog).

I personally use Siteground for hosting this website and have been very pleased with it.

As a blogger, I remember reading so many varying opinions on website hosts. At the end of the day, bloggers are going to recommend the host that they personally use.

And while I do truly love Siteground and would recommend it to anyone, I do encourage you to read up on other hosting sites and form an opinion of your own.

I used Bluehost for my first blog, then decided to try Siteground this time around and have never had issues with either.

I think it’s all a matter of reading up on the pros and cons of different hosts and choosing what you think will be the best for your mom blog!

Monetizing Your Mom Blog

Some people start a blog just as a hobby and others know that they would like to make some money from it. If you’re someone interested in how to monetize your mom blog, then the following resources will help you.

First, let’s briefly discuss how to make money blogging. Two main ways are selling affiliate products (something else’s products & you earn a commission) and selling your own products.

When it comes to selling affiliate products, many bloggers use Amazon Associates or Share a Sale.

If you want to sell your own products, you’ll have to get set up with something like SendOwl (more on this in a minute). There are other ways to make money blogging such as writing sponsored posts and more.

But I’m going to focus on 2 resources that will guide you in the money making aspect of blogging.

Affiliate Marketing, Simplified!

Next is a course called Affiliate Marketing, Simplified! If you want a detailed overview of what affiliate marketing is and how it works, this course will give you exactly that.

I highly recommend this for any blogger who is just starting out and may not know where to begin when it comes to affiliate marketing.



Lastly, I wanted to talk about using SendOwl to sell digital products.

When I first felt ready to start selling products on my blog, I had to do some research on how to get started.

When it came to how to set up receiving payments or how to go about sending the products to my customers, I had no idea where to begin.

I read about SendOwl and I am not kidding when I say this has made selling digital products SO easy!

I am someone who isn’t always proficient with tech and I couldn’t believe how simple it was to get my products set up.

SendOwl offers different packages that you can check out here. But if you are creating products that provide value to your audience and you’re bringing in traffic, this will pay for itself!

essential tools and resources for mom bloggers

Growing Your Email List

When you begin your blogging research, you will hear a lot of talk about growing your email list, and for good reason.

Gaining subscribers is a great way to build your audience and communicate with them directly. It’s also an effective way to make sales!

So what do you need to grow your email list?

mom blogger

You’ll need to use a service such as ConvertKit, which allows you to collect emails, send emails to your subscribers, automate email funnels, create landing pages, and more.

I’ve been using ConvertKit from the beginning and have zero complaints. The customer service has always been helpful whenever I’ve gotten stuck and had a question.

If you want to grow your mom blog audience, using a site like ConvertKit will be one of the best resources for you!

Pinterest Resource for Driving Traffic

Some of the most essential tools & resources for mom bloggers are going to be ones that drive traffic to their blog.

One way to bring people to your blog is by using Pinterest.

Many people consider Pinterest a social media at first but it’s really more of a search engine. There are 2 Pinterest resources that I think are worth the hype.

Pinteresting Strategies

The first is Pinteresting Strategies. This was the very first Pinterest course I purchased back in 2018.

What I love is that there is a focus on manual pinning rather than using a scheduler.

There are people who swear by a scheduler and some who don’t. But it’s not about whether or not manual pinning is a better strategy.

To me, having a solid manually pinning strategy at the beginning is a great free option.

When starting your mom blog, I do believe that you need to invest in yourself. But there may be some things you simply aren’t ready to pay for, like a scheduler.

I do however recommend investing in this course because it will only be a one time payment that is fairly priced. And it’s a resource that you will be able to go back to whenever you need a refresher on the best pinning strategies.

SEO Resources for Driving Traffic

You can’t talk about driving traffic to your blog without talking about SEO!

One of my absolute favorite SEO resources is an eBook called Easy On Page SEO. I read and implemented this on my first blog.

Within a month, I had a few blog posts reach the first page on Google!

I absolutely recommend this to anyone who is just getting started with SEO. It gives easy to follow steps on how to optimize your blog posts.

Check out this SEO resource for your mom blog!

legal pages for your blog- essential tools & resources for mom bloggers

Legal Pages for Your Mom Blog

An often overlooked part of starting a blog is having legal pages such as a privacy policy set up. This is something absolutely essential and helps keep you protected.

Like most bloggers starting out, I knew legal pages were important but I had nowhere to begin. Thankfully through some blogging groups, I learned about this Legal Bundle Value Pack.

Created by a real lawyer and blogger, this value pack includes templates for the 3 main legal pages you need on your blog. Those pages are: privacy policy, disclosures/disclaimers, & terms and conditions.

The templates are SO easy to fill out and made setting up my legal pages a breeze.

If you’re serious about blogging and if you’re going to invest in anything starting out, I highly recommend this bundle.

If you’re interested in some more information before you buy the bundle, check out this FREE course Legally Blogs. By the same creator this will give you insight on the basics of legal pages and why you need them.

Concluding Essential Tools & Resources for Mom Bloggers

I’m sure there are even more essential tools & resources for mom bloggers out there. But these are some of my favorites.

When I started this mom blog, I felt prepared because I had access to all of these great tools already.

I hope this post finds you at the very beginning of your journey and you’re able to utilize some of these resources!

If you’re just starting out, which of these essential tools & resources for mom bloggers will you be looking into first?

If you already have experience, have you taken any of the above courses or used any of these resources before? Share in the comments!

Resources Recap

Remember, I have all of these tools listed on my resource page. Don’t forget to bookmark for future reference!

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