motherhood tips for new moms

Advice on Surviving Motherhood for New Moms

Are you looking for tips for surviving motherhood? Unfortunately, there is no handbook for motherhood. You simply learn as you go and try to follow advice you read about along the way.

But hopefully, this post can give you a little bit of guidance and encouragement! These are my top tips for surviving motherhood that every first time mom should read.

motherhood tips for new moms

Reminder: You’ll Never Get These Moments Back

When your baby wakes up in the night crying needing comfort, remember that you will never get these moments back. Take a breath, make your baby as comfortable as possible, hold them and talk to them.

Take in every moment of their little body snuggling you and those quiet moments you have alone. This tip has gotten me through those tough motherhood moments.

Take a Step Back

When in doubt, step away. From time to time, there are occasions where I just need to set my son down in his crib and take a few minutes to recoup.

Each time, it has paid off for me. I’m always able to come back and start fresh with a little more patience.

Trust me, you will thank yourself for doing this. You don’t need to be supermom who can calm your baby down every single time.

Find an Outlet For Your Feelings

You shouldn’t keep your feelings bottled up. Find an outlet that works best for you. Talk to someone you trust or journal.

I have a journal that I’ve kept since the beginning of my pregnancy with our son and have continued to write in it ever since.

Making the time to write, especially during postpartum, gave me an outlet and was also a way for me to take time to do something for myself.

Whatever outlet helps you work through your feelings is great!

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Ask For Help

I am typically the type of person who will turn down help and doesn’t like to inconvenience anybody. But postpartum, I had no shame.

If there was anything we needed and someone offered to get it for us, I accepted without hesitation. It can feel weird if you’re like me who doesn’t like to ask for help, but you will be so happy that you accepted it.

Spend Time + Talk To Fellow Moms

I know that making friends as a mom and sometimes as an adult in general is tough. But if you know some fellow mamas, make an effort to spend time with them! One of my closest friends was pregnant at the same time I was and we make it a point to have a “mom’s night out” at least once a month.

If you don’t know any other moms, you can find ways to make connections online through Facebook groups or forums (and it should go without saying, but always be cautious!).

Sharing stories can help remind you that you aren’t alone in some of the struggles of motherhood.

No matter how you meet other moms, you’ll be happy to have a little support system of people who can relate.

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Wrapping Up Tips for Surviving Motherhood

Being a mom is no easy job. But finding ways to cope and keep your sanity definitely help! I hope you enjoyed these tips for surviving motherhood. Which tip was your favorite? What are your personal tips for surviving motherhood? Share in the comments!

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