how to make a birthday time capsule

Tips on How to Make a Time Capsule for Baby’s First Birthday

Are you wondering how to make your baby’s first birthday memorable? A great way is to put together a time capsule!

I did this for my son’s first birthday and I am so glad that I did. It will be the perfect keepsake and a special gift to give him on his 18th birthday.

Putting together a time capsule doesn’t require much. In this post, I’m going to tell you how to make the perfect time capsule for your baby’s first birthday. A gift that you both will forever cherish!

how to make a birthday time capsule

What is a Time Capsule?

A time capsule is something you can fill with letters or objects to be opened at a later date.

How Do I Make a Birthday Time Capsule?

The key to making a great birthday time capsule is to not overthink it. It can simply be a box/container that you can put items inside.

You can make or purchase a box to keep your items in.

If you are only doing letters, you won’t need anything that big. But if you are planning to keep things such as a favorite toy, outfit, etc. then make sure you pick something big enough to hold everything.

Whether you buy something or make it yourself, you’ll be able to customize it any way you’d like.

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Time Capsule Ideas + Tips

One fun idea is to have the time capsule go along with the party theme.

For example, my son’s first birthday theme was “First Trip Around the Sun.”

I purchased a box for letters that was space themed. I even bought blank galaxy cards for the guests to write their letters in! Check out everything I used below:

  • Felt letter board: I bought this when I was pregnant with my son. I used it for our pregnancy announcement, his birth announcement, and for this time capsule. The great part about these letter boards is that you can use them for SO many things!
  • Card box: This could not have been more fitting for the theme!
  • Galaxy cards: You can have your guests write on whatever you’d like. I came across these blank galaxy cards and they worked out great!

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Next, you can choose to keep the time capsule intimate and only have you and your partner write a letter to your child and throw in a few keepsake items.

But another fun idea is to get family and friends involved- the more the merrier! Your child will look back knowing so many people were there for them.

No matter what you choose to do, the birthday time capsule will make a really special gift.

Wrapping Up How to Make a Time Capsule for Baby’s First Birthday

A time capsule is a unique gift for your child’s first birthday. Although you can get creative and go big with it, you can also keep it simple.

No matter what, you will have put together a meaningful gift for your little one. Do you plan on making a time capsule for your child’s first birthday? Share in the comments!


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