Welcome! I started blogging in 2018 to share my story of moving away from home and eventually share my everyday lifestyle. I shifted from a personal growth blog to this awesome mom blog that I am incredibly passionate about!

Over the years, I’ve come across so many amazing blogging resources that have helped me learn and grow my blog.

On this page, you’ll find a master list of all my favorite courses, ebooks, and other resources.

Disclaimer: All of the links on this page are affiliate links. Should you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

Starting a Blog

Launch Your Blog Biz

To say I’m obsessed with Create and Go courses is an understatement. This course helped me set my blog up for success. I wish I found it at the very beginning of my blogging journey so that I could have been on the right path immediately. This course will give you a full overview on how to create a blog, tips for driving traffic, teach you the basics of monetizing, and so much more. Check out the full details here.

Pro Blogger Bundle

If you are interested in multiple aspects of blogging, check out Create and Go’s Pro Blogger Bundle. You will receive all of their bundles at a discounted price.


6 Figure Blogger

No, not every course I recommend is going to be from Create and Go. But this one is worth checking out if you already have an established blog and are ready to take your monetization to the next level.

Affiliate Marketing, Simplified!

I have always enjoyed posts from the Sweet and Simple Life blog. Cate’s posts are so easy to follow and she can make complicated blogging tasks feel simple. I took her affiliate marketing course and would highly recommend it if you want to learn the basics on affiliate marekting.


Have you checked out my shop? I use SendOwl to sell all of my digital products. SendOwl is so incredibly user friendly and makes it simple for me to sell my eBook and printables.

Grow Your Email List


If you are interested in starting a blog, you will constantly hear the importance of starting and growing an email list. I use ConvertKit to collect subscribers and send emails to them. Their customer service has been wonderful anytime I’ve needed help.


Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

If you’re interested in using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, then this Create and Go course is great. I recommend this course if you are starting from scratch with Pinterest and need an overview of how it works and how to set your profile up for success.

Pinteresting Strategies

This was the very first Pinterest course I bought when I started my blog. If you are interested in a manually pinning strategy rather than using a third party like Tailwind to pin, you will love this!


Easy On Page SEO

This eBook is AMAZING for beginners. I bought this when I was about a year and a half into blogging and it changed the way I write my blog posts. When I implemented the simple strategies I learned, I managed to get a few blog posts onto page 1 of Google! I highly recommend Easy On Page SEO if you’re just getting started.

SEO Blueprint for Bloggers

The final Create and Go course I’ll be recommending is SEO Blueprint for Bloggers. SEO is SO important for driving traffic to your website and this course outlines the steps you need to take to set your site up for success.



If you want to start a blog, you’ll need a host. I previously used Bluehost for my first blog but decided to go with Siteground for this blog after hearing such great things. I’ve really enjoyed using them and haven’t had any issues!

Legal Pages

FREE- Legally Blogs

Having legal pages on your blog is a must and an important thing that gets overlooked when you first start off. Check out this FREE legal course for bloggers that goes over the basics of why you need legal pages, legal requirements you have as a bloggers, and more.

Legal Bundle Value Pack

Setting up legal pages on your blog is something you’ll want to take care of right away. This value pack made creating my legal pages insanely easy. It was created by a real lawyer and is made specifically for bloggers. Check it out here.