second trimester to do list with helpful pregnancy tips

Second Trimester To-Do List

Congratulations, you survived the first trimester of pregnancy! Now that you are probably feeling A LOT better, there are things you can start making a priority and add to your second trimester to-do list.

You’re now more likely to be active and focus on the fun parts of pregnancy such as creating your registry and planning your shower!

It will feel like there is SO much to do but don’t worry, I have narrowed down your to-do list to the basics.

Here are some of the best tips to help you get through this stage of your pregnancy.

Things to do in your second trimester of pregnancy

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1. Adjust Your Diet to be Healthier

Remember, every woman’s pregnancy is different. So although you’ve entered your second trimester, it’s possible that you’ll still have some aversions and even morning sickness. Some foods may still gross you out and that’s okay.

But overall, you may have more of an appetite and ready to start eating normally again!

If your body is ready, then the first item on your second trimester to do list should be adjusting your diet to be well-balanced and healthier.

It’s okay to give into cravings once in a while (nothing can keep me away from sweets!) as long as you are eating mostly healthy.

2. Find a Workout Routine That Works For You

Now that your energy is back (maybe), it’s time to ease your way back into exercise. Do what is realistic and reasonable for you.

And of course, talk to your doctor about what exercise you should and shouldn’t do. This trimester is the best time to refocus on getting active and eating right.

3. Create Baby Registry

Let’s get to some of the fun stuff! I loved putting my baby registry together throughout my second trimester. It was a fun way for me to unwind in the evenings and envision what life will be like with a little one.

Sometimes, it felt a little overwhelming having to research and find what the best products were- strollers, cribs, bottles, etc. But if you take it all one step at a time and put it together little by little, then it becomes a fun little project to work on!

I highly recommend creating your baby registry on Amazon.

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4. Add to Your Wardrobe

It’s possible that once you enter your second trimester, you may not be showing yet. Or if you are, it’s barely noticeable. But be prepared for when your bump starts to grow. Don’t wait until the last minute to find clothes that will fit you comfortably!

I wrote an entire post on tips for buying maternity clothes for new mamas that will help guide you. This post covers the basics of what maternity clothes you should buy and what to take into consideration when you shop.

5. Start Putting Together Your Nursery

Another exciting part of second trimester is planning out and getting your nursery ready! It may not be fully finished by the end of this trimester, but it doesn’t hurt to gradually accumulate everything you’ll need.

When you feel overwhelmed with everything happening during pregnancy, doing something fun like brainstorming ideas for the nursery can be refreshing and even relaxing!

6. Find Your Balance of Resting & Moving Your Body

Throughout this trimester, you will have highs and lows when it comes to your energy levels.

Some days, you will feel full of energy and other days you will just want to kick back and relax. Find your perfect balance so that you are active enough to keep up your endurance but also able to listen to your body when it needs to rest.

I’ve learned in pregnancy that each day is a fresh start and can be completely different from the day before.

So give yourself grace when you know you aren’t up for a workout but take full advantage of those days when you are feeling motivated!

7. Start Managing Any Aches & Pains

At some point in this trimester, you will probably experience some uncomfortable symptoms such as round ligament pain, leg cramps (Charley horses), sciatica, etc. The moment you start to notice any of these aches or pains, take action to start preventing them!

After I got 2 bad leg cramps early on in my second trimester, I cracked down and started using remedies to prevent them on a daily basis.

I’ve only gotten a couple more here and there, but I am convinced that I haven’t gotten them nearly as frequently as I would have had I not stayed consistent.

No matter what you experience, you can always talk to your doctor about the best way to manage these aches and pains to get them under control from the very beginning.

8. Be Kind to Yourself About the Changes Your Body is Going Through

If you put anything at the top of your second trimester to-do list, let it be this! You will be feeling all of the feels during pregnancy. Some days, you’ll feel on top of the world and will love being pregnant. Other days, you may feel defeated and frustrated.

It’s not easy to take on all of this change and it’s certainly not easy having to stay strong for 9 whole months!

Make your self-care and mental health a priority and remind yourself that your body is doing something incredible! You got this, mama!

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Wrapping Up Your Second Trimester To-Do List

Yes, there are a million things to do and plan for while you’re pregnant. But I hope this simple to-do list provided you with some basic and easy tips for your second trimester. What’s on your second trimester to-do list? Share in the comments below!

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Second Trimester To Do List

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Second Trimester To Do List

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  1. It’s so important to get on top of it all BEFORE baby is here!

    1. Agreed! You don’t realize how much there is to do until you actually sit down and make a to-do list!

  2. These are very helpful tips, Taylor! I remember my second trimester, and you are so on point with finding the right workout, balancing rest and being kind to yourself about the body changes!

    1. Thank you, Martha! All of those things are so important!

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