The Best Questions to Ask Your Doctor at Your First Prenatal Appointment

first prenatal visit

15 Questions to Ask at Your First Prenatal Visit

Finding out you’re pregnant brings on SO many emotions. At first, you’re overjoyed and filled with excitement.

But once you come down from that high, you may begin feeling overwhelmed. After all, being pregnant and becoming a mother is a HUGE deal!

There are a lot of unknowns and your brain will be flooding with questions.

Depending on how early you find out you’re pregnant, the wait for your very first prenatal appointment can feel like a really long time!

And during that time, you’ll think of so many questions you’ll want to ask your doctor.

If you are unsure of the important questions to ask your doctor at your first prenatal appointment, this list will help you!

first prenatal appointment

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Best Questions to Ask Your Doctor at Your First Prenatal Appointment

1. What symptoms can I expect this trimester?

The first trimester of pregnancy is a roller coaster! Every woman will have a different experience, so ask your doctor about symptoms you can expect to have and how to manage them.

2. What symptoms are normal and which ones should I be concerned about?

If you’re going through pregnancy for the first time, a lot of what you’re feeling may be uncomfortable and your mind may jump to the worst conclusion. Ask your doctor about what is normal and when you should come in to have a symptom checked out.

3. What products are safe for me to use? (Skin care, hair products, etc.)

Most of what you’re using is probably safe, but check in with your doctor about what ingredients you can use and what you should avoid.

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4. What exercises are safe for pregnancy?

It’s important to be active during pregnancy, but it’s even more important to be safe. If you are someone who is a runner or avid gym-goer, ask if it’s still safe to do certain types of exercises. Then ask about safer alternatives to your usual workout.

5. What changes should I make to my diet?

Reflect on your current diet and ask if there are any foods you need to cut back on or avoid all together.

6. What medications are safe for me to take?

This question is so important because at some point during your 9 months of pregnancy, you may get a cold or headaches but won’t be able to reach for your typical medications. If there are daily medications you take, ask your doctor if it is safe to continue taking them.

7. What are potential risk factors?

During your first prenatal visit, you will be going over every detail of your medical history. Find out if you are at risk for anything and the best steps to take to keep you and your baby safe.

8. What prenatal vitamins should I be taking?

Unsure of what prenatal vitamins you should take? Your doctor will be able to recommend a brand for you.

I personally used Vitafusion prenatal gummies and loved them! If you’re interested in a gummy option, ask your doctor if these are right for you.

9. What prenatal classes do you recommend?

If you’re interested in prenatal classes but don’t know where to begin, this will be a great question to ask at your first prenatal appointment.

10. How much weight can I expect to gain?

Every woman and her pregnancy will be different. Ask how much weight you should gain so that you can monitor and keep yourself on track throughout your whole pregnancy.

11. Who will deliver my baby?

It will still be a while until you deliver your little one, but it doesn’t hurt to know who the delivery doctors are and meet with them during your pregnancy.

12. Am I able to have sex during pregnancy?

There may be circumstances where intercourse should be avoided, so be sure to check with your doctor early on.

13. Can I travel while pregnant?

Again, every pregnancy is different. Before you book your baby-moon, make sure it is safe for you to do so!

14. Who should I contact if I have questions before my next visit?

You will go over A TON of information at your first prenatal visit, but there’s no doubt you’ll think of more questions along the way. Make sure you know who you can contact if any urgent questions arise.

15. How often will I be coming in for a check up?

For a good chunk of your pregnancy, you will be going in once a month and then more frequently as you approach the finish line. However, you may need to come in for bloodwork or extra ultrasounds. It all depends on what is going on in your pregnancy. So it doesn’t hurt to ask and get an idea of how often you will be making a trip!

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Final Thoughts on Questions to Ask Your Doctor at Your First Prenatal Appointment

You may have a million other questions you’ll want to ask, but this list covers the general basics. Your first visit will probably be the longest because there is a lot to go over, especially as a first time mom. But don’t get too overwhelmed, just come prepared and enjoy the excitement of becoming a mama!

What are some other questions you would recommend asking at the first prenatal visit? Share in the comments!

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Questions to Ask at Your First Prenatal Visit

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