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Nighttime Routine for Pregnancy Self Care

When I got pregnant, I knew that I needed to make time for self care, no excuses. Pregnancy self care is so important because before we know it, we will have a little one to take care of and won’t have the extra time we’re used to. 

I have been taking advantage of the quiet times throughout the day to focus on myself and make sure I am getting all the necessary rest and relaxation I need. 

For a while now, even before pregnancy, I have been wanting to put together a solid nighttime routine that would help me unwind before going to sleep. 

I feel that I finally created the best pregnancy nighttime routine for myself and think you can gain inspiration for your own routine! 

Sometimes I change up the order of my routine but overall, what I do each night is the same. Here is my pregnancy self care routine that helps me relax before going to bed.

Before we begin…

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Nighttime pregnancy routine for self care, how to take care of yourself while pregnant


I usually opt for a shower in the evenings but once in a while I really want to take a relaxing bath. 

What’s funny about pregnancy fatigue is that doing some forms of self care like taking a bath or doing a face mask feel more like a chore than something relaxing! 

I usually end up taking more showers than baths because they are faster and take less time to prep. I’ve primarily been a night time shower person and it helps me feel refreshed for a good night’s sleep.

I couldn’t live without this bath caddy! I use it every single time I take a bath.


Once I’m done in the shower, it’s time for me to take care of my pregnant skin. I talked about the palmer’s stretch mark kit in a previous post and swear by it!

I’ve been consistently using the oil and lotion since about week 6 or 7 of my pregnancy. 

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Bedtime Snack

The hunger is always real when you’re pregnant! I always make sure to incorporate a healthy snack into my pregnancy self care routine before bed.

I typically like to incorporate a banana and something else with calcium to help prevent leg cramps. 

Eating a little bit before I go to bed helps hold me over until the morning.


After getting my first 2 Charley horses early in my second trimester, I decided I was going to fully commit to preventing them! I have gotten only 2 more since implementing a variety of remedies (they happened early in the morning, most likely due to dehydration).

One remedy that has been a tremendous help stretching! I found this video on youtube and have stuck to this routine ever since.

Once I had the routine memorized, I began doing it at my own pace 1-2 times a day. It’s a great way to start off my mornings and to relax before bedtime.

Stretching has been the most relaxing part of my pregnancy self care routine and I always feel better afterward.

Grab yourself a yoga mat and start stretching, mama!

Brush Teeth

A pretty straight forward part of the pregnancy self care routine that doesn’t require much explanation!


Depending on the time, I also like to journal before going to bed. I’ve been keeping a pregnancy journal from the very beginning. 

Personally, I am just using a simple cute notebook to write down my thoughts. I can freely write as much as I want without being tied down to any specific prompts. 

Journaling has been a great way to keep track of my symptoms and talk out my feelings if I’m in an emotional state.

It’s been nice to reflect at the end of the day what I’ve been experiencing and I always make sure to journal after each doctor’s appointment as well.

If you are looking for a classic pregnancy journal though, I highly recommend looking into this one. I’ve seen it in person and love the simplicity of it. It’s gender neutral if that’s your thing and has sections for ultrasound pictures, milestones, and more!

Watch a Show

If it’s still fairly early in the evening and I’m not too tired yet, I like to end the night watching a favorite show of mine. 

There is some debate about any sort of screen time before bed, but if watching TV or scrolling through your phone for a few minutes doesn’t effect your sleep, then do whatever will help you wind down before bed!

How Do You Unwind During Pregnancy?

Everyone has different ways they like to unwind at the end of the day, especially during pregnancy. What are some of your favorite ways to unwind while pregnant? What’s included in your pregnancy self-care routine? Share in the comments below!

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