new year's resolutions for moms

New Year’s Resolutions for Moms

If you’re wanting to become the best mama you can be, these New Year’s resolutions for moms will help you!

As a mom, I understand how hard it is to put yourself first sometimes.

We are so busy taking care of everyone else that we often put ourselves last.

Let this new year be the year that you find the perfect balance of taking care of your family and equally taking care of yourself.

New Year's Resolutions for Moms

Totally Doable New Year’s Resolutions for Moms

Who said your New Year’s resolutions have to be extreme? Your mom goals can be super simple, like the ones below. Think you’re too busy? Think again! All of the resolutions on this list are totally doable, whether you’re a working mama or a SAHM.

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1) One-on-One Time With All Kids

Having kids makes our hearts so full. And even though it makes us busier than ever, it’s important to take time to cherish moments with each of our children individually.

Yes, spending time as a family is just as important. But there is something special about giving your kids one-on-one attention. This allows you to create an even stronger bond.

One of your resolutions for this year should be to make time for each of your children doing what they enjoy.

2) Improve Communication With Family

We all know the saying that communication is key. Having a good relationship with your family requires solid communication.

A new year’s resolution for this year can be improving the communication within your family.

Make it a point to know how everyone’s day went, their feelings, if anyone needs anything, etc.

And while this is the responsibility of being a mama, it’s good for everyone in the family to be in touch with everyone else. And not just having one person facilite it all.

But as the mom, you can be the one who gets things started! Having meaningful conversations at dinner and family meetings are great ways to get everyone together to chat.

Try using conversation cards as a fun way to break the ice!

3) Help Family Become More Organized

No one organizes better than a mom! Whether you only have 1-2 kids or a full house with more, it can be hard to keep track of everyone’s extra curricular activities and appointemnts.

One of your new year’s resolutions as a mom can be to keep the family organized.

Try using a family calendar to jot down important dates and displaying it somewhere the whole family can see.

4) Make Time for Yourself

You will constantly see me saying this on the blog: you can’t fill from an empty cup! One of the best New Year’s Resolutions for Moms is to make time for yourself.

I know that talk of self care can sound so cliche but there’s a reason so many people talk about it. It’s important to have your own sense of identity and do the things you love.

As a mom, I absolutely love taking care of my family and home. But there are definitely days where I need to remind myself that I deserve to relax and be cared for too.

It’s easy to make excuses to not practice self care, such as not having enough time. But even 10 minutes to yourself each day can be something to look forward to. Think about what you enjoy and make the time to do it!

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5) Make Home More Functional/Organized/Clean

Your house doesn’t need to be absolutely spotless, but creating better habits to keep things more tidy and organized is never a bad idea.

Is there a certain area of the house you’ve neglected decluttering? Can you find a better system to prevent dishes or laundy from piling up?

Think about areas in your home that could use some sprucing up or ways to make spaces more functional.

I know how tempting it can be to just ignore the problem areas we don’t want to fix. But I know one thing for sure: it will always be satisfying to get something organized or cleaned!

6) Be Kind to Yourself

On those tough days as a mom, it can be easy to put yourself down. You may feel like a “bad mom” from time to time. But we all should give ourselves grace.

The reality is, no one has a perfect day every day. Everyone has their struggles and insecurities. There’s no reason to let any extra negativity into our lives.

So this year, make it a point to not speak negatively about yourself in front of your family (or in your own head). Set a positive example for your children and don’t beat yourself up.

Part of being kind to yourself is to take care of your physical health. You don’t need to become a fitness nut, but making simple adjustments to your diet and exercise can make a huge difference. Be sure to make doctor appointments for yourself and not just your kids.

Being kind to yourself should be one of your top New Year’s resolutions as a mom!

7) Focus on Experiences, Not Things

The older I’ve gotten, I’ve realized how much I value experiences. Especially having kids, I find so much joy in the time I spend with them and have focused less on material things.

This year, make it one of your goals to enjoy fun experiences with your family and worry less about the things you own.

8) Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Mamas

One of the most important things we have to remember is to not compare ourselves to others.

Everyone has different life circumstances, works different types of jobs, has different parenting styles, etc. Just because one mom seems to have it together doesn’t mean she isn’t experiencing struggles of her own.

Even on your toughest days, don’t compare yourself to other moms.

This is something that can lead to negative self talk. It also prevents you from focusing on being the best mama you can be.

Concluding New Year’s Resolutions for Moms

As a mom, which of these New Year’s resolutions for moms do you think is most important? Which one will you be setting this year? Share in the comments!

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