nesting during pregnancy

Nesting During Pregnancy- Everything You Need to Know

Are you in your final weeks of pregnancy, feeling the urge to get organized and prepared for your new arrival? No matter what stage of pregnancy you’re in, you have probably heard of the term “nesting.”

In this post I will tell you everything you need to know about nesting and provide a simple list of ways you can fully prepare for your baby’s arrival.

nesting during pregnancy

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What is the Feeling of Nesting?

Nesting is usually described as a burst of energy or urge to clean and organize that moms-to-be get towards the end of pregnancy. It’s a feeling that motivates you to put finishing touches on anything that needs to be ready for baby’s arrival.

How Do You Know When to Start Nesting?

You might be thinking, “what are the signs of nesting?” For me personally, it was a “when you know, you know” feeling.

Sure, you could say “I’m going to start nesting when I’m __ weeks.” But honestly, you’ll probably only want to nest when you are feeling motivated.

It’s not something that should be forced. Relax during your final weeks but take advantage of when you are feeling up for cleaning and organizing.

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What Helps With Nesting?

Here are a few tips that will help you with nesting.

Have a Plan

Everyone is different, so that means nesting won’t look exactly the same for every woman. What one person preps for may not be on your list of priorities.

Think about what is most important for you to organize before baby gets here. Then you’ll have a set plan and know where to begin.

Using your free checklist will guide you in what needs to get done!

Keep It Simple

Nesting doesn’t mean deep cleaning your entire home. It’s about picking the top priorities of what needs to be organized or cleaned before you bring your sweet baby home.

Does the car seat need to be installed? Do you need to organize clothes in baby’s closet? Is your hospital bag packed?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself when you think about what needs to get done during nesting.

You don’t have to make a list of every single chore that needs to be done around your house. You just simply need to tie up some loose ends.

Don’t Force It

Being in your third trimester of pregnancy is no joke. The last thing you should do is force yourself to do anything.

As I mentioned earlier, you should just take advantage of when you do have some motivation and energy. Maybe you planned to do some organizing one day but you end up exhausted. Get some rest instead!

It’s important to listen to your body and relax as much as possible towards the end of pregnancy. Don’t force nesting otherwise you will probably end up more exhausted!

Things to do While Nesting

Let’s finally dive into things to do while nesting! Like I mentioned, everyone’s priorities may differ. But this list will be a great starting point for your nesting.


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  • Open & set up all postpartum supplies
  • Get baby’s bath essentials ready to use (soap, towels, toys, etc.)

Rest of the House

  • Have pacifiers ready to use in each room
  • Have burp cloths ready in each room
  • Set up lounging pillows in rooms where you’ll need them

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Final Thoughts on Nesting During Pregnancy

Nesting during pregnancy should be simple and not forced. Use this free checklist to get you on the right track and don’t forget to grab your Postpartum Self Care Bundle for only $3! What are your best nesting tips? Share in the comments!

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