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The Best Products to Have During Pregnancy

When I first got pregnant, I remember feeling SO overwhelmed when it came to must have pregnancy products.

There are tons of items out there that some women will SWEAR you can’t live without but maybe don’t end up being necessary.

It’s great to have options but sometimes it’s best to just cut to the chase: what pregnancy essentials will I ACTUALLY need and use?

In this post, I am going to outline what I feel are the best pregnancy products that are practical and think you will actually get use out of!

Before we begin…

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1. Comfortable Maternity/Nursing Bras

I remember my doctor telling me from the very beginning not to spend a fortune on bras because my cup size was going to change, and fast.

I knew that I didn’t want to wear uncomfortable wire bras during my pregnancy and that I wanted to be as comfortable as possible.

Luckily, I found this set of 3 maternity/nursing bras that are AMAZING. This set comes with 3 neutral color bras along with clips and extenders.

Use the clips for wearing shirts that have a criss-cross back and the extenders if you feel you need a little more wiggle room.

I bought these very early on in my pregnancy and have worn them religiously ever since!

2. Under-the-Bump Underwear

Comfortable underwear is another purchase I made very early on in my pregnancy. This set of under-the-bump underwear has been great from the start.

In the early stages, although there’s no bump to show off yet, you still feel bloated. This underwear has provided comfort during those bloated periods and now I can’t imagine wearing anything else as my bump grows!

After pregnancy, I still plan to use this set as my “period underwear” for that time of month when I’m feeling extra bloated.

The material is soft and stretchy, perfect for your body to grow into.

3. Palmer’s Stretch Mark Kit

While it’s possible that you could still end up with stretch marks no matter what you try, it doesn’t hurt to keep them at bay for as long as you can.

This Palmer’s Stretch Mark Kit has been one of my favorite purchases during this pregnancy.

I started using the oil as early as 6 weeks pregnant, and eventually purchased this kit and definitely have gotten my money’s worth!

I like to use the oil and lotion as part of my self-care routine for when I get out of the shower.

Apply the oil wherever stretch marks may appear for you such as thighs, stomach (duh), breasts, etc.

4. Basic Maternity Clothes

It’s a no brainer that maternity clothes are going to be a must have pregnancy product. Here are a couple basics that I highly recommend:

Maternity Leggings

Most women love leggings in general. But trust me when I say you will love them even more when you’re pregnant! Check out this pack of 2 maternity leggings from Amazon.

Maternity Shirts

You’ll want to have a set of comfortable maternity shirts in your pregnancy wardrobe. Check out this pack of 3 from Amazon!

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5. Humidifier

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind as a “must have pregnancy product” but it’s something that could end up being an essential for you.

A few days after finding out I was pregnant, I started experiencing dry mouth at night.

It didn’t last a very long time but I was waking up frequently throughout the night to drink water because my mouth was drier than usual.

This is the first symptom a humidifier helped with.

Around 16 weeks, I had a few days where I was SO congested. I learned that this is common at that stage of pregnancy.

Luckily for me, this didn’t last long but for some women it can become the norm.

Having a humidifier really helped clear up the congestion I had. I purchased this small humidifier and it’s been at my bedside for most of my pregnancy.

If you experience any symtpoms that could be solved with a humidifier, I highly recommend it!

6. Yoga Mat

This may not be at the top of your list but for me, having a yoga mat has been perfect for the amount of stretching I’ve been doing.

I feel that a pregnancy symptom I was never warned about was Charley horses or leg cramps. I’ve experienced them before being pregnant but I didn’t know that they were common in pregnancy.

Luckily by stretching, along with other remedies, I’ve been able to keep the leg cramps away.

Whether you plan on doing lots of pregnancy yoga or just basic stretching, a yoga mat will come in handy.

7. Pregnancy Pillow

Yes, I know that a pregnancy pillow is always brought up. But I wanted to share one that I’ve been using that’s different than the giant pillow you typically see on these types of lists.

Although pregnancy pillows aren’t super expensive, I was unsure if I wanted to spend money on one of the giant ones for a couple reasons:

  1. What if I end up not using it again for my next pregnancy? It’s not the case for everyone, but I’ve heard some peope swear by a pregnancy pillow in their first pregnancy but not end up using it the next time around.
  2. Living in a one bedroom apartment, where the heck am I supposed to store this thing? I was happy to find this smaller, slightly cheaper alternative to the traditional pregnancy pillow.

This side sleeper pregnancy pillow has been SO comfortable for me to use. Once I started to show, I ordered it and I love the support it provides for my bump and back while I sleep.

Personally, I don’t roll over a lot in my sleep. But if you are concerned about rolling onto your back when you sleep, I think this pillow can help. Having the extra support for your back can help keep you in place.

This is also a great pillow if you don’t have a big bed and don’t want your pregnancy pillow taking up too much space!

8. Pink Stork Morning Sickness Sweets

Lastly, most pregnant women are looking for remedies to help with the dreaded morning sickness.

I feel fortunate that my morning sickness actually wasn’t that bad. I only experienced nausea but never threw up.

With that being said, I think these morning sickness sweets could be a hit or miss depending on how bad you have it, but definitely worth a shot.

For someone who had mild morning sickness, these came in handy.

It was helpful to have something on hand that I could take with me anywhere to help ease my stomach, even if it was only temporary.

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Wrapping Up Must Have Pregnancy Products

If you’re a new mama like me, you will come across SO many recommendations on what you should purchase to make your pregnancy easier and more comfortable.

I hope this list of basic pregnancy essentials was helpful and straight forward!

What are your must have pregnancy product recommendations? Share in the comments below!

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  1. These are all great items! I used several of these when I was pregnant too! It’s funny all the things that people say you need and never actually touch! I works similar blog post for baby registry items lol! But I agree with your list for sure and glad you put these out there for other new moms.

    1. I agree, there are so many recommendations out there that seem nice but not actual necessities. Thanks Kelsey! 🙂

  2. Stretch mark cream is a definite must have!

    1. Totally agree! I’m 25 weeks today and no stretch marks yet lol! Consistency using it is definitey key!

  3. These are so great, I’ll keep this handy for #6! And maternity leggings are SOOOO amazing!

    1. Thanks Pamela! Maternity leggings have been a life saver!

  4. Great suggestions!

  5. This is a great list of must-haves. I couldn’t have gone without my pregnancy pillow and used the morning sickness suck on candies religiously in my first trimester. I also loved the preggie pops ones too! Thanks for sharing!

    1. The pregnancy pillows are awesome! The morning sickness sweets were so convenient to have on hand in my purse if I needed them while I was out of the house. I’ll have to give the preggie pops a try next time around.

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