First Time Mom Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This year, I will be celebrating my very first mother’s day and I cannot wait!

There are a variety of people you may be shopping for this year: your own mother, your grandma, a friend.

For some, you may be Mother’s Day shopping for someone you know who is a first time mom.

Here are Mother’s Day gift ideas for new moms that they will love!

mother's day gift ideas for new moms

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#1: Baby Keepsake Box

A first time mom would absolutely LOVE to receive a baby keepsake box! There are lots of little things we want to hang on to and this would be the perfect way to keep all special items in one place.

#2: Inital Necklace

I have a necklace with my son’s inital on it that I wear all the time. An inital necklace is a great gift for the mom who loves jewelry!

#3: Picture Frame for Hand/Footprints

A picture frame that can include a little one’s hand and footprints is a unique and special gift to give to a new mom on Mother’s Day.

#4: Polaroid Camera

For the mom that loves to take pictures and have physical copies, give the gift of a fun polaroid camera!

#5: Mom Shirt

New moms need mom gear! Give a first time mom a cute graphic tee.

#6: Robe

As a new mom, I have really learned to embrace self care and comfort. You can’t go wrong giving a mama something cozy like a robe!

#7: Water Bottle

Another great “mama gear” item! Cute water bottles are a great incentive for staying hydrated.

#8: Lounge Set

This lounge set is perfect for pregnant and nursing mamas.

#9: Bath Caddy

I use a bath caddy every time I take a bath and it is game changing! Promote self care for a new mama with this awesome bath caddy.

#10: Wine Tumbler

For the first time mom that likes to enjoy a glass of wine, this cute wine tumbler is the perfect gift.

Final Thoughts on Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for New Moms

Mother’s Day is a special holiday and it is especially meaningful to those of us celebrating it for the first time. I hope this list of Mother’s Day gift ideas for new moms was helpful and sparked some ideas!

Which gift idea would you want to receive? Share in the comments!

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