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Journal Prompts for Motherhood: 15 Prompts to Start Your Journaling Self Care

As a mom, self care is something I make a priority. One of my favorite ways to practice self care is to journal.

I started a journal at the start of my pregnancy and have kept up with it since. It’s been extremely helpful for me to reflect on my feelings and anything I’m going through.

If you’re a mama who’s been wanting to journal but doesn’t know where to start, try out these journal prompts for motherhood.

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Motherhood Journal Prompts

  1. I love being a mom because ____
  2. My proudest moment as a mom was when ___
  3. What is my strongest quality as a mom?
  4. What area would I like to improve in my role as a mom?
  5. What is something special I want to do for my family?
  6. What traditions would I want to start with my family?
  7. Qualities I adore in my child/children
  8. Who in my life gives the best motherhood advice 
  9. What is the best advice I’ve been given?
  10. What have I learned about myself since becoming a mother?
  11. What have I learned about life in general since becoming a mother?
  12. How do I show my kids I care about them?
  13. What is something I wish I knew before becoming a mom?
  14. What is my favorite way to unwind and recharge after “moming” all day?
  15. How has becoming a mom changed me?

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