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Indoor Activities for Babies When It’s Too Hot to Play Outside

After making it through the cold winter, there’s nothing we want more than to get outside once the weather is nice.

But as much as we want to be outside, there will still be some days where it’s just too hot.

Having a baby means you are always finding ways to keep them entertained, no matter the weather.

Here are some fun indoor activities for babies when it’s too hot to go outside.

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1. Family Movie Day

A movie day always has potential to be a lot of fun! Put on some comfy PJs, grab a few blankets, and cuddle up in the AC.

2. Make Teething Pops

Cool off by making some teething pops! These Munchkin Fresh Food Feeders are perfect to use for a frozen treat.

3. Sensory Play

The best part about sensory play is that the possibilities are endless. It can be as easy as filling a bin with water and throwing in some toys. There are a lot of ways you can make a DIY sensory bin at home!

4. Tummy Time

Your baby can always use a little tummy time! Make it fun by use a tummy time mat like this!

5. Cool Off in the Bath

The second best thing to cooling off in a pool is cooling off in the bath. Make bathtime extra fun with bubble bath and toys.

Check out my post 9 Best Bathtime Essentials for Babies to make sure you have everything you need!

Try these bath toys or this light up whale!

6. Paint

Doing crafts is the ultimate indoor activity! Try out these baby finger paints with your little one.

7. Have an Indoor Picnic

Bring the picnic indoors when it’s too hot to enjoy one outside. Lay out a blanket in your living room and enjoy all the foods you normally would if you were outside.

8. Read

Reading is always a great indoor activity for babies. Grab some of your favorite books and talk your baby through everything they see.

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9. Try Out a New Toy

Open up and play with a toy you’ve been meaning to try with your baby.

We received so many fun things at our baby shower and it’s easy to forget how much you actually have.

Go through your baby’s toys and see which ones haven’t gotten much use yet.

10. Build a Fort

Your baby may be too little to enjoy a huge fort, but building one and using fun lights can be stimulating for your baby.

We LOVE this astronaut projector and it would make a cool addition inside a fort!

Final Thoughts on Indoor Activities for Babies

Keeping your little one entertained is a never ending game. It can be a challenge when you have plans to be outside but those plans have to change.

As a parent, you have to always be ready to adapt and it helps to have back up ideas ready to go.

What are your favorite indoor activities for babies when the weather is too hot? Share in the comments!

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