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I’ve always joked that becoming a mom has made me an “extreme couponer” LOL. I haven’t really gone to any extremes, but I do enjoy simple apps like this that help me earn a little extra cash!

Whenever I’ve looked up ways to earn extra money or how stay at home moms make money, apps such as Ibotta seem to come up a lot. After hearing about this app for years, I decided to finally to what the hype is all about.

A lot of people want to know, is Ibotta legitimate? How does it work? In this post, I am going to answer all of your questions regarding Ibotta! Stick around until the end for a special treat from me to you!

how to use the ibotta app

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is an app that has been around for a long time! Simply put, it is an app where you take a picture of your receipts and can earn cashback on items you purchased.

More Than an App

Ibotta is more than just an app for your phone! You can download the browser extension for when you are shopping on your desktop and earn cashback.

How Ibotta Works

Before you go shopping, select which store you will shop at and browse the cashback offers listed.

For example, if you are going grocery shopping at Jewel, you would select in-store shopping at Jewel. Then, you would go through each category and add items to your list that you plan to buy.

Each item will be listed with how much cashback you can earn on that item. When you’re ready to withdraw your earnings, you have two options. You can withdraw using giftcards or you can link a PayPal or bank account.

Dangers of Ibotta

Okay, maybe “dangers” sounds a bit extreme. But there is reason why people ask, “is Ibotta legitimate?” It can be tempting to add items to your list just to see your cashback add up. As a result, people can end up overspending. Be smart and only use it for items you know you’ll ACTUALLY use.

Remember: This isn’t meant to make you hundreds of dollars each week. This app is nice for some side cash and if you are smart and intentional with using it, you’ll have a nice little chunk of change on the side!

You don’t want to end up losing money by trying make as many redemptions as possible just to earn cashback.

How to Get the Most out of Ibotta

To piggyback off of the previous point, don’t go out of your way to buy brands or products you know you won’t use. Yes you might earn a little cash back but ultimately you could end up wasting and spending more money than necessary.

To make it easier on you, browse through the app prior to shopping and add items to your list. That way, they are ready to be redeemed once you scan your receipt.

If I have time, I like to make a list of what items I could see myself potentially buying. Then when I’m putting together my meal plan for the week, I narrow down which items I know I actually want to buy and will be in the mood for.

Some weeks, you may find tons of options and other times you may only find 1-2 items that you know you’ll use.

Don’t overthink it and don’t become obsessed with trying to make as many redemptions as possible. Again, this is meant to provide you with a little side cash. It’s not a side hustle!

Additional Perks to Ibotta

Aside from the cashback you will earn on a regular basis, there are a few other perks to using Ibotta.

One is that you can earn $20 right from the beginning! You will earn $5 automatically when you upload your first receipt. Then, there is a welcome bonus where you earn $15 after making a certain number of redemptions.

Keep in mind: For the $15 bonus, you will be given a set date of when you need to make those redemptions. So be sure to make all necessary redemptions before that date!

There are also additional bonuses you can earn along the way. For example, there will be promotions where you can earn an extra $5 if you redeem X amount of items. As with other bonuses, there is usually a deadline when you need to make these redemptions. Always read the fine print.

Lastly, I recommend taking advantage of “any receipt” or “any item” redemptions. Some weeks, you can earn an additional say, $0.15, just for snapping a receipt. It’s small, but it’s still something!

There is also a category called “any item” where you can buy any brand of certain items and earn cashback. For example, instead of having to buy a specific brand of dog treats, there is sometimes the option to earn cashback on ANY brand of dog treats.

What to Consider

As mentioned with these extra bonuses, there is a set amount of redemptions you need to make and a deadline. Again, you should not just add items to your list simply for the cash back. Only add items you know you’ll truly use. Don’t be pressured into making extra purchases to earn an additional bonus.

The Bottom Line: Is Ibotta Legitimate?

So, is Ibotta legitimate? I could easily see how some would think something like this is a scam, because you know people may become obsessed with trying to make as many redemptions as possible. Then as a result, they end up spending more money than actually earning money.

My honest opinion is that apps such as Ibotta are worth it when you are smart and intentional with your purchases. If the items listed on the app are brands and products you were going to buy anyway, then why not take advantage of earning some money back?

Ready to Get Started with Ibotta?

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What are your favorite apps for saving or making money? Share in the comments below!

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