Gifts for Work From Home Moms

Gifts for Work From Home Moms

Are you shopping for a work from home mom? As moms, we love gifts that are practical yet fun!

If you’re a work from home mom like me, you know that you can easily feel cooped up.

But having cute decor for our desk or a comfy pair of slippers can add fun little touches to our working days.

In this post, we’ll look at 16 of the best gifts for work from home moms. Any WFH mama would be happy to receive something on this list!

gifts for work from home moms

Before We Dive In…

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Best Gifts for Work From Home Moms

1. Planner

As a mom, it’s important to keep yourself organized. Between your own plans and your kids’, there’s a lot to remember.

Gift a work from home mom this super cute undated planner that she can fill out exactly how she wants.

2. Laptop Bag

Whether she occasionally has to go into the office or sometimes likes to work outside of the house, having a laptop bag is a great gift for a work from home mom.

Having a bag dedicated to just work materials will help keep her organized.

3. Noise Canceling Headphones

If you work from home with kids, you know how distracting all the noise can be- from your kid screaming with excitement while they play or hearing Cocomelon blast in the background.

A work from home mom will definitely appreciate noise canceling headpones to drown out some of the chaos.

4. Laptop Lap Desk

As a work from home mom myself, I sometimes enjoy being able to sit and relax on the couch instead of sitting at my desk all day.

This laptop lap desk is perfect for the WFH mom who wants to kick her feet up while she gets her work done.

5. Bulletin Board

Depending on the job, it can be helpful to have a place for visuals. Or, this bulletin board can be used to decorate the office space a little bit.

6. Dry Erase Board

A white board is another great option for someone who likes to have a visual overview of their month.

Using a white board can help keep track of important deadlines.

7. Slippers

Working from home means you get to dress comfy! Give a WFH mom you know a cozy pair of slippers.

8. Coffee Mug

Does the mama you know love her caffiene? I know mugs can seem like an overrated gift.

But if you know someone who collects them, then she’ll definitely appreciate a cute one like this!

9. 3 in 1 Charging Station

One of the best gifts for work from home moms is something practical, just like this 3 in 1 charging station.

10. Picture Frames

Who doesn’t love to display special photos on their desk? These simple picture frames would make a great addition to anyone’s work desk.

11. Lumbar Support Pillow

If you’re going to sit at a desk all day, you want to be comfortable. A lumbar support pillow is definitely a must!

12. Desk Organizer

The best gifts are practical and cute! This desk organizer is perfect for a work from home mom.

13. Pen Holder

Be sure to include a pen holder to go with her desk organizer!

14. Cute Sticky Notes

Seriously, it’s the simple things in life. Why use regular sticky notes when you can use pretty ones like these?

15. Note Pads

I personally go through note pads for my job. If you know a WFH mom who is constantly needing to jot down notes for work, these notebooks will be perfect!

16. Bluelight Glasses

Lastly, one of the most stylish gifts for work from hom moms are a pair of bluelight glasses.

Because seriously, whose WFH job doesn’t involve looking at a screen nowadays?

Concluding Gifts for Work From Home Moms

Did you enjoy these gifts for work from home moms? Which ones would you want to receive as a gift? Share in the comments!

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