First Trip Around the Sun Birthday Party Ideas

Before I was even pregnant, I would scroll through Pinterest and save cute ideas for baby birthday parties. I couldn’t wait for the day that I could plan a birthday party for my children.

Once my son was born, it hit me that I can finally start making these dreams a reality!

My son turned 1 on October 20th and the theme we went with was “First Trip Around the Sun.” What personally drew me to this theme was that it didn’t seem overdone (although you’ll find TONS of results when you search for it on Pinterest!)

In this post, I am going to share all the details of the party. All the decorations were bought on Amazon and I will also share some items I found that I didn’t use but would still be perfect for the theme. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

first trip around the sun birthday party ideas

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First Trip Around the Sun Birthday Party Ideas: Invites

First things first: you need to invite your guests!

Unfortunately some of my planning was last minute, so I send out a text blast to everyone instead of mailing invitations.

But these invites were the ones I would have gone with. Right on theme and easily customizable.

First Trip Around the Sun Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations

We hosted our party at a clubhouse and when I first saw the space, I wasn’t sure if the decorations I bought would be enough. But these two packs of decorations were plenty.

Ceiling Streamers

This 20 piece set of ceiling streamers worked perfectly for the space we used. A great variety and there was enough to fill out the space well.

First Trip Around the Sun Party Supplies

If you’re looking for a set of party decorations for this theme, this is it!

This pack had exactly what I needed. For the size of our party, I still needed to get some extra utensils but overall this was a great starting point. I loved that it kept the theme cohesive.

There were a couple of cons:

  1. The plates are a little flimsy but still get the job done.
  2. The table cloth ended up being too small for the tables we were using, so be sure to double check the dimensions. We ended up repurposing the tablecloth for the time capsule station which you can see further down this post.

This came with ribbon but I ended up just tapping the words and planets to the wall instead.

Other Decoration Options

There was SO much I wanted to buy but ended up not. Here are some other cute options for the first trip around the sun theme.

High Chair Banner

This high chair banner would be a great touch for this theme.

Photo Banner

I love this idea of displaying pictures of your little one over the year. This photo banner is perfect for the theme.

Balloons & Boxes

This pack of balloons and boxes is a great display.

Door Decorations

The ideas are endless for this theme, but I will share one final idea for decorations. These banners to put outside your door are awesome!

First Trip Around the Sun Birthday Party Ideas: Cake & Food

Let’s talk about my personal favorite thing: food!

I didn’t end up doing a bunch of space-theme appetizers or food. But if you search on Pinterest, the possibilities are endless.

I knew for sure I wanted to go all out for the cake and we are so happy with how it turned out. The bakery was able to copy an exact idea I found and it looked (and tasted) great.

I found some really cute cake/cupcake toppers to give you some inspiration.

First Trip Around the Sun Birthday Party Ideas: Outfits

Another fun part of planning this theme is picking an outfit for your little one!

My son wore a onesie that had constellations on it. It was basic but on theme. This onesie came in a pack of 5.

I came across a couple other cute outfit ideas for the first trip around the sun theme.

First Trip Around the Sun Birthday Party Ideas: Time Capsule

I would have to say my absolute favorite part of this party was the time capsule I put together.

I saw this idea quite a bit when I was researching this theme and I thought it was so sweet. Have everyone at the party write a message to your child for them to open on their 18th birthday.

If you want to add more keepsake items, you can also include some of the decorations and photos you took.

Here are the items I used for my time capsule.

  • Felt letter board: I bought this when I was pregnant with my son. I used it for our pregnancy announcement, his birth announcement, and for this time capsule. The great part about these letter boards is that you can use them for SO many things!
  • Card box: This could not have been more fitting for the theme!
  • Galaxy cards: You can have your guests write on whatever you’d like. I came across these blank galaxy cards and they worked out great!

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Concluding First Trip Around the Sun Birthday Party Ideas

I hope this post inspired your first trip around the sun birthday party theme! I loved throwing this party together.

If you’d like to get other party theme ideas, check out my post 6 Unique First Birthday Party Ideas for Baby Boys.

Do you plan on using this theme for your child’s birthday? Share in the comments!


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