fall activities for toddlers

Fun Fall Activities for Toddlers

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and I’m so excited to spend it with my son for the first time!

He was born in October so when he was first born, he was still too little to enjoy a lot of the fall and winter holidays. But now that he will be turning one, we can now enjoy some fun, fall activities!

fall activities for toddlers

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1. Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Picking out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch is one of the most classic fall activities out there! Whether your child is on the younger side or a little more grown, they will be fascinated by the pumpkins.

2. Paint or Carve Pumpkins

One your little one has picked out their pumpkin, now you can decorate it! You can paint it or have your child safely help you carve.

Try this pumpkin carving kit!

3. Play in the Leaves

A fall activity that is simple yet fun! I love watching our little boy observe and explore nature. Playing in the leaves will be a great sensory activity.

4. Collect Pinecones

Practice counting with your toddler by collecting some pinecones and counting them at the end!

5. Go Apple Picking

Make it a family day out by going apple picking!

6. Go on a Hay Ride

Hay rides are so much fun and your toddler will love going for a ride in something other than their stroller.

7. Watch Halloween Specials of Kids Shows

Looking for a way to unwind? Curl up and watch some Halloween specials of kids shows to get into the fall spirit!

Find movies & shows to watch with your family on Amazon Prime Video!

8. Pick a Halloween Costume

Depending on how old they are, your toddler may or may not have a say in this. But getting a cute Halloween costume will make a great fall memory. Check out this list of Halloween costumes for baby boys!

9. Go Trick or Treating

If your toddler is old enough, take them trick or treating!

10. Talk About Gratitude

Lastly, when October winds down and you’re ready to head into November, talk about gratitude with your little one. Even if they are still too little to understand, let them know you’re grateful for them anyway!

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Toddler Fall Bucket List

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Toddler Fall Bucket List

What Fall Activities for Toddlers are Your Favorite?

Which of these fall activities for toddlers do you like the most? What do you love doing with your toddler in the fall? Share in the comments below!

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  1. This post has me so excited for fall! Especially now that my daughter is 2 and will really be able to enjoy all the different activities.

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