what to do differently in second pregnancy

Things to do Differently in Your Second Pregnancy- Dos & Don’ts

I am so excited to say that I am onto my next pregnancy! I’ve dreamt of becoming a mom for so long and now I will be becoming a mother of two!

I remember after having my son, I felt like I could totally conquer pregnancy the next time around. Your first pregnancy is a whole learning experience between navigating hormones and adjusting to the changes happening in your body.

Once we knew we wanted to try for a second, I truly felt ready to take on pregnancy again.

Every woman is different and pregnancy may not look the same with all of their children. In my experience so far, I can say that this pregnancy will probably be just as easy as the last, and I am so grateful.

Since I already knew what to expect, I also knew what I wanted to do differently the next time around. I still have the rest of the pregnancy ahead of me, but I can already tell you 3 major differences I have made in this pregnancy so far.

In this post, I’ll be sharing what I’m doing differently as well as some do’s and don’ts of your second pregnancy.

what to do differently in second pregnancy

Things I’m Doing Differently in my Second Pregnancy

1. Stressing Less

Now that I have “been there, done that”, I am stressing a lot less.

My very first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and during the pregnancy after that with my son, I was anxious all the time. I was constantly hoping nothing bad would happen and it really consumed my thoughts.

But now that I know I can have an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby, it has given me a lot of hope. My labor with my son was smooth sailing but I sometimes wonder if labor and delivery will somehow be way different or more difficult this next time around.

Overall though, now that I know what to expect, there is a lot less stress. I’m not wondering what contractions feel like or what the protocol is for going to the hospital. I also was much less stressed about morning sickness this time around.

During my last pregnancy, I was so worried I would get sick at work. But now that I have a pregnancy to reflect back on and compare to, I was able to prepare for the nausea better. I already knew how my body responded to certain things and planned accordingly.

2. Stocking Up

When I first got pregnant, I didn’t know what I would need to help ease nausea or make me feel comfortable.

I didn’t know where to begin with stretch mark lotion or any other pregnancy product.

But this time around, I knew exactly what I needed to and I stocked up on the essentials. I made sure to have all of the right snacks and bland foods to combat the morning sickness.

I bought my favorite stretch mark lotion right away and knew to keep my prenatals in stock.

3. Eating More Variety in Foods During 1st Trimester

In my previous pregnancy, I was so paranoid about getting sick that I ate pretty bland.

I will be forever grateful that I am someone who only gets mild nausea while pregnant. I never threw up during my pregnancies. 

With this in mind, I made sure to eat more of a variety of foods in my 1st trimester. Some days I was so nauseous that I wouldn’t have much of an appetite. But for the most part, my nausea was triggered simply by being hungry, not by a smell or food aversion.

I had to feel it out my first few weeks to see if this pregnancy was going to be the same or different from the last. Once I realized that it was playing out the same, I became less afraid of eating different foods and expanded from eating really bland foods. 

This is not to say I ate perfectly healthy in my first trimester. I still had days where I ate like crap just to get through the day. Some vegetables grossed me out a little.

But I do feel that this time around, I was able to eat much healthier early on. Especially since I wasn’t living off of just toast, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and saltine crackers.

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Second Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts

I knew going into my next pregnancy, there were things I was definitely going to do again and things that I said I won’t do. Here are some secondy pregnancy do’s and don’ts to know.


-Compare your symptoms to your last pregnancy. This will help you stock up on things you need, meal plan accordingly, and adjust as needed. I kept a journal during my last pregnancy and I am constantly referring back to it so I can see what symptoms to anticipate in the coming weeks.

-Continue to track your symptoms. You may know the drill but you don’t want to overlook any symptoms that may need to be brought up to your doctor. If there are any major changes you are noticing, it’s good to take note of it.

-Make a list of items you’ll need to get for baby #2. Some items can be hand me downs but depending on the age gap of your kids, you may need to double up on things like car seats or high chairs. You’ll thank yourself for planning ahead.


-Fall into any bad habits. Last pregnancy, I indulged in quite a bit of sweets in the third trimester. Also during this trimester, I started to work out less and less. If there are things you wish you did differently in your first pregnancy, then make those changes now. You will definitely thank yourself in the long run!

Wrapping Up Things I’m Doing Differently in my Second Pregnancy

The things I’m doing differently in my second pregnancy are all lessons I learned from the previous. I am feeling so much more confident and prepared this time around.

How did you feel in your second pregnancy? What are some changes you made the next time around? Share in the comments!


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