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What You Need to Babyproof Your House to Keep Your Child Safe

It’s so exciting to watch our babies reach their milestones, from sitting up on their own to crawling to walking.

But any seasoned parent knows, once your baby is on the move, it’s game over LOL!

You have to become more cautious than ever to ensure your little one is safe.

Having the right childproofing essentials will help give you peace of mind.

Your child can still have fun and be mobil and you can worry (just a little) less about them getting hurt.

Here are some childproofing essentials you should look into for your home.

baby proofing essentials

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Childproofing Essentials

Outlet Covers

Outlet Cover Box– If you have multiple things you need to leave plugged in (such as a lamp, sound machine, or baby monitor in your child’s bedroom), an outlet cover box is a great option.

Small Outlet Covers– If you don’t need a large cover box, then regular outlet covers will do.

Corner/Edge Protectors For Tables + More

An absolute must is covering up any and all sharp corners! These edge protectors are perfect for tables.

Baby Gates

Whether you have stairs or simply need to keep your child out of a certain room such as the kitchen, baby gates are an absolute must!

Stove Knob Covers

One thing you DO NOT want your toddler to touch is the stove! Try out these stove knob covers to prevent potential accidents.

baby gate

Cabinet Locks

My son has absolutely LOVED to get into every cabinet he can and taking things out lol! Cabinet locks have become one of the childproof essentials we can’t live without around here.

Door Locks

Door Lever Lock-Try this door lever lock to prevent your child from opening doors with levers.

Door Knob Lock-For door knobs, try out these locks.

Toilet Locks

Lastly, you’ll definitely want to childproof your toilet lid! Use these toilet locks to keep little hands (and objects) out!

baby proofing essentials

General Tips + Concluding Childproofing Essentials

It’s important to baby proof your house but also allow your child to explore and get certain things out of their system.

As much as we want to, we can’t keep our kids out of everything.

A great example of having your child “get it out of their system” is around the holidays. I remember being nervous about having our Christmas tree up because I knew my son was going to want to touch (and potentially take off) the ornaments.

But overall my son did great and mostly just wanted to “poke” items on the tree. We only had a few instances where he took things off.

It also helped that we didn’t set up the tree all in one day. We put it up and then the following weekend added ornaments, so he was able to get used to seeing the tree in our living room for a bit.

I believe this helped him be a little less curious.

The moral of the story: your child might do better than you think when it comes to “getting into things” around the house. Give them the opportunity to explore so that curiosity doesn’t get them into trouble!

What have been some of your favorite childproofing essentials? Share in the comments!

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