baby winter essentials

Baby Winter Clothes & Essentials From Amazon

With my son being born in fall, I wanted to make sure we would be stocked up on clothes to keep him warm. I’ve rounded up all of the baby winter clothes you would possibly need in this post!

baby winter clothes

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Baby Winter Clothes & Essentials

1. Slippers

One of the best ways to keep those baby feet warm is with fuzzy slippers like these!

2. Blanket

An obvious essential to keep baby warm? A blanket of course! We have and love this one.

3. Beanies

We gotta keep those little ears warm and what better way than with beanies!

4. Sleep Sacks

If you want to change up your baby’s sleepwear from regular pajamas, sleep sacks are a great option.

5. Socks

Another obvious way to keep those sweet baby feet warm is with socks.

6. Long Sleeve Onesies

Onesies are a staple baby clothing item and long sleeve onesies are a must for winter time.

7. Snowsuit

If you are planning to take your baby in the snow, you will definitely need a snowsuit like this one.

8. Footie Pajamas

Lastly, footie pajamas are great for keeping your baby warm during winter.

Wrapping Up Winter Baby Clothes & Essentials

What are your favorite items to use to keep your baby warm in the winter? Share in the comments!

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