baby summer essentials

Last summer, I was pregnant with my son and was constantly fantasizing about all of the summer activities I’d get to do with him.

Now he’s here and I’ve been on the hunt for some fun summer products for him to use!

I love a good Amazon find and I’ve stumbled across so many cool things to share with you today. You’re going to want to add these baby summer essentials to your cart!

baby summer essentials

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Baby Summer Essentials

1. Bubble Machine

What child doesn’t love bubbles?! Get a bubble machine to add some fun to any outdoor activity!

2. Sunglasses

One of my favorite purchases EVER are these baby sunglasses!

My son does great with these and doesn’t try to take them off or eat them. It’s a big deal when your baby doesn’t try to put something in their mouth!

3. Sun Hat

One of the biggest priorities over the summer is protecting your little one from the sun. A sun hat with good coverage is a must.

4. Swimsuit

One of the most important baby summer essentials: a swimsuit! Check out this suit for a little girl and this one for a boy.

5. Shaded Playpen

Do you plan on spending a lot of time outside and need something to plop your baby in? This shaded playpen will do the trick!

6. Splash Pad

Summer is the season for any sort of water activity. Get a fun splash pad for your little one!

7. Swim Float

You can’t enjoy the pool without a fun swim float!

8. Portable Chair

Whenever we bring our babies out somewhere, we are always thinking about where we can set them down. This portable chair is perfect for a cookout!

9. Water Toys

Lastly, these water toys are perfect for so many different things- you can use them in the tub, in your splash pad, pool, or in a water sensory bin.

Whatever you decide, your baby will love them!

Wrapping Up Baby Summer Essentials

Amazon is a great place to find baby summer essentials! Which one was your favorite? Share in the comments!

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  1. I love the splash pad and the sunglasses. My daughter is constantly taking hers off lol. Typical toddler

    1. At first, our son didn’t mess with the sunglasses. But now he is always trying to take them off LOL!

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