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Baby Registry Checklist- Essentials You Need

One of the most fun parts of pregnancy is putting together your baby registry! I know when I first started putting mine together, I was pretty overwhelmed. Who knew such a tiny human needed so much stuff?! A baby registry checklist was a must.

I created my registry on Amazon and they provided a really useful checklist that helped break it up into different categories such as feeding, diapering, nursery furniture, etc.

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Even with a checklist, I realized there were a lot of baby essentials I had to be sure to include. In this post, I put together the ultimate baby registry checklist for Amazon. Be sure to grab your FREE printable at the end!

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Baby Registry FAQ

Creating a registry is simple, but there are still a few questions new moms have when putting theirs together. Let’s go over some!

Where Should I Create a Baby Registry?

There’s tons of options out there! However, you don’t need to create a registry at every store that sells baby items. Take into consideration where you normally enjoy shopping and browse those stores in person or online to see what the selection is like.

I personally chose Amazon because I am very familiar with it and I know that it’s a place where most people enjoy shopping. But ultimately, you should register wherever you find your favorite baby items.

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If you want to register at multiple stores, I would suggest narrowing down your list to your top 2 places. It gives your friends and family options without being overwhelming.

How Many Items Should I Have on my Registry?

There is no magic number of items to put on your baby registry.

After going through the checklist in this post, you will have a solid 20+ must have baby items to start with. And even some of the items on this checklist can be optional for you.

Don’t think about an exact number, just think of the absolute essentials. As long as you include everything that you know is a necessity, that is the bare minimum you need.

What NOT To Put On a Baby Registry

I feel that this question gets asked a lot but it is all personal opinion. As I mentioned, focus on getting essentials on your registry FIRST and then add a few other fun items. Items that may not be absolute necessities but cool gadgets you may still want to add.

Everyone has an opinion on what is important and what is not when it comes to baby items. At the end of the day, it is YOUR registry and you can include whatever you feel you will actually need and use.

Now, let’s get into the baby registry checklist!

The ultimate Amazon baby registry checklist

#1 Big Items

Include some of those bigger items on your registry. If you create your baby registry through Amazon, you will be able to select “group purchasing” meaning that your friends and family can contribute a certain amount to an item rather than paying for the item in full. Here are some big items to add to your list:


Do some research and find what type of stroller will work best for you. We personally went with this Cybex stroller.

Car Seat

You can’t bring home your sweet babe without a car seat! Check out this Peg Perego convertible car seat.


A nursery necessity. Find a crib that will work with the space you have and possibly one that can later be converted to a toddler and full size bed.


Before moving onto the crib, you may choose to have your little one sleep beside you in a bassinet. Check out this one from Amazon.

#2 Feeding

Here’s a few essential feeding items to add to your baby registry checklist:

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Burp Cloths

Something small but handy! Be sure to have burp cloths on your registry.


An obvious must-have items! Check out these Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles.

Breast Pump

You may be getting a breast pump for free through your insurance. But if there is one you want that isn’t offered through your insurance, you can add one to your registry.


These won’t be needed right away, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Add some basic eating utensils to your baby registry.

#3 Clothing

Easily one of the most fun things to research and add to your baby registry! You don’t need to go overboard since your little one will probably outgrow them very quick. But here are some good basic clothing items to start with:


Probably a no-brainer! Gerber has a TON of onesie variety packs.

Outfit Sets

Outfit sets are a great way to get clothes you need that you can also mix and match!


This may or may not be a big necessity for you. But if you are having a fall/winter baby, these will be a must!


Shoes, socks, slippers, booties. All great essentials to add your baby registry!

#4 Diapering

Here are a few basics you’ll need for changing and diapering:

Diapers (Multiple Sizes)

Another no-brainer! You can add diapers in a variety of sizes so that you are stocked up for a while.


Another necessity that will be great to stock up on.

Wipe Warmer

This is totally optional, but a wipe warmer can be one of those “cool gadget” items you add to your baby registry if you are interested in having one.


Another helpful item to have on-hand!

#5 Baby Care

You’ll definitely need some health and baby care items. Here are a few to consider adding to your baby registry checklist:

Nasal Aspirator

A nasal aspirator is a great item to have for when your little one has a stuffy nose.

Grooming Kit

Keep your baby well groomed! Add a grooming kit to your regisitry so ensure you have all the grooming tools you need.

First Aid Kit

Baby or not, this is something you should always have on hand!

#6 Bathing

The last category on this baby registry checklist will ensure you have everything to keep baby nice and clean!

Wash Cloths

Check out this set of Bamboo Baby Wash Cloths.


A bath isn’t a bath without these two things!


Add a cute set of hooded towels to your registry!

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What Will You Include on Your Baby Registry Checklist?

If you’re a new mom, which of these items will you be adding to your registry? If you’re already a mom, which items do you wish you included on your registry or which items were you happy you put on your registry? Share in the comments below!

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