Baby Books for Baby Shower

One of the things I treasure the most is sitting down with my little boy and reading to him.

It brings back memories of my favorite books that I loved as a child. Now, I have my own unique collection of books that I get to share with him.

Hopefully, he will look back and remember these books as an important part of his childhood. We were able to start off with a nice selection of books and today I am sharing my favorites with you!

All of the books on the list would be great items to add onto your baby registry OR give as a gift to a first time mom.

Here are 11 unique baby books to give at a baby shower!

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baby books to give at a baby shower

#1: Love You Forever

Love You Forever is such a sweet book and if you’re sensitive like me, it will make you tear up every once in a while when you are reading it to your baby!

#2: On the Night You Were Born

One of my absolute favorite books to read to my little man! On the Night You Were Born is a sweet reminder of how special and unique your baby is.

I will definitely be purchasing other books by this author!

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#3-6: Why a Son/Daughter Needs a Mom/Dad

We were gifted Why a Son Needs a Mom and Why a Son Needs a Dad for Christmas. These books are great for showing how special the role of a mom or dad is to their child.

Shopping for parents of a girl? Check out Why a Daughter Needs a Mom and Why a Daughter Needs a Dad.

#7: Oh, Baby! Go, Baby!

You can’t have a baby book collection without a little Dr. Seuss! Grab a copy of Oh, Baby! Go, Baby!

#8: Welcome to the World

Welcome to the World is another special book for new parents welcoming their baby.

#9: Are You My Mother?

Are You My Mother? is a fun book that I always enjoy reading to my son!

#10: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

It’s essential to have a classic such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar in your baby book collection!

#11: My First Library

I added My First Library to our Christmas wish list. The books are mini which makes it easy to store and these tiny books cover a lot of basics. I feel these are a great introduction into books while your child is still very young.

Final Thoughts on Baby Books to Give at a Baby Shower

Reading is a great way to bond with your child while helping them develop and learn. Baby books always make a great addition to any baby gift!

Which book on the list is your favorite? What other books do you enjoy reading to your baby? Share in the comments!

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