tips to avoid holiday stress

How to Avoid Holiday Stress as a Mom

Are you a mom who is dreading the holidays? Does thinking about the holiday season stress you out?

As a mom, you are busy taking care of others year round. But during the holidays, you may feel this need to take it up a notch. It’s the most magical time of the year and you want to ensure that everyone is feeling the holiday spirit.

This year, I want you to not forget about yourself, Mama! Here are 5 tips to avoid holiday stress as a mom.

tips to avoid holiday stress

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Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress as a Mom

1. Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until December 1st to start planning for Christmas! There’s nothing like procrastination to make stress 10x worse.

If you want to stress less this holiday season, make it a point to plan ahead of time.

Gradually start planning little bits of your holiday festivities- whether or not you’re hosting, which family you’re going to see, what winter activities you want to do with your children.

If you begin thinking about this in early November, you will set yourself up for a stress-free December.

Try out this undated planner!

2. Don’t Try To Do It All

Yes, you should plan ahead, but don’t put too much on your plate in the process. Narrow down what you’d like to do this holiday season.

Don’t feel like you have to scramble and keep up with doing a ton of activities. And don’t feel like you need to go to every single event.

Envision your ideal holiday season and make it happen for yourself!

It’s okay if you’d rather spend a relaxing day at home with your kids than go out with a big group of people to do something.

If you enjoy keeping yourself busy, go for it. But if it feels like too much added stress, remember that it’s always okay to say no.

3. Set Aside Time For Yourself

As I mentioned in the beginning, as a mom, you are busy taking care of others year round. It can be tempting to kick that into overdrive during the holiday season.

You’ll want to pick out the perfect gifts for everyone and make sure that everyone else is enjoying this magical time of year. But you can’t fill from an empty cup.

You deserve to relax and enjoy yourself just as much as anyone else. So to avoid holiday stress, make sure you take care of YOU also!

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4. Keep Activities Low Key

Even if you enjoy going out and being around other people, there still reaches a point where it can become exhausting.

When you are planning ahead, opt for relaxing and low key activities to do with your family and maybe only 1 or 2 big events.

Choosing to slow down will help you feel more present with your family and cherish those special moments even more.

5. Put Your Energy Into What Matters Most

We all know the struggle of having to see relatives we don’t enjoy being around. Remember that certain interactions are only temporary.

Sometimes a major stressor during the holidays is having to see family members we don’t see often (probably for good reason) that we aren’t super fond of.

It will be difficult but you always have the choice to put your energy into what matters. You can choose not to engage or not stay longer than you want.

Instead, put your focus onto those who matter the most, like your children. Don’t let a few hours ruin the entire month of Christmas spirit.

Final Thoughts on Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress

You shouldn’t have to settle for less during a fun time of year. Manifest your dream holiday season and make it happen! Which tip was the most helpful to you? Share in the comments!

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